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Passive to active
Hey! This sentence needs to be turned into an active construction: "The murder of Mr. Romero as investigated and prosecuted ...
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active to passive voice
1) They were cooking dinner when i arrived . 2) The fire has caused considerable damage. 3) Did the noise ...
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Identify the sentence that is written in active voice.
a. A disembodied grin was left hanging in the air when the Cheshire Cat disappeared. b. Fourteen songs have been ...
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change active to passive voice
My boss likes to save money.
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Active to Passive
Dear Experts, I have the following sentence to be changed to passive voice. The moon's gravity causes the tides in ...
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Passive voice of sentences without object
What is the passive voice of the following sentence?"John plays nicely."
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Active Voice to Passive Voice
Can someone please rewrite the ff. sentences in active voice to passive voice? 1) The Philippine mandurugo, for instance, has ...
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Passive to active voice conversion
Thus, the design is constrained by the range of current production motorcycle, and will be compared using miles/kWh. Convert the ...
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Changing the passive voice to the active
How can I change this sentence to the active voice? We watch an learn what is accepted and desired in ...
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make to active voice
Change into active voicece C. Telephone wires hav been cut.
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How can I rewrite this sentence into active voice.
This should be a major concern of ours since everyone needs water to survive.
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In Active and Passive voice, when subject and object change position, do they change the roles too ?
for e.g John drove car <=> car was driven by John in the passive voice , can we say 'car' ...
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Passive voice, or not?
Passive voice: Caesar was stabbed by Brutus.Active voice: Brutus stabbed Caesar. Passive voice (?) with details: Caesar with no knowledge, ...
passive-voice active-voice 0 votes, asked Dec 03 '12 by Peter Torpson
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