1 answer
punctuation of titles
Every time I review my text, Grammarly tells me that my title needs punctuation. I thought titles did not need ...
0 votes, asked Jul 13 '11 by Aubrey Alexander Hill
1 answer
whether to use 'in' or 'on'
is it correct to use 'on' in the following sentence. Ministry of Commerce took their opinion on the matter.
0 votes, asked Jul 13 '11 by fasih
2 answers
is it propper grammer
is this proper grammer ( I thought it was very very fun)
0 votes, asked Jul 13 '11 by charles
2 answers
I saw me studying at two in the morning preparing for examinations, my friend's jealous facial expression when my ranking ...
0 votes, asked Jul 12 '11 by linda
4 answers
correct word usage
which is correct, since the last time I have seen her or since the last time I saw her
+1 vote, asked Jul 12 '11 by Linda Jancik
1 answer
on behalf of Dr.Abdulla thank you for your email See example: On behalf of Dr. Abdulla, thank you for your ...
0 votes, asked Jul 12 '11 by Ashraf
1 answer
Could someone edit it?? for Common Application
Going up to the neurology department in the local hospital and checking on every patient on the floor compose of ...
0 votes, asked Jul 12 '11 by linda
2 answers
Can you edit this
I heard footsteps entering the park. I turned back, but I knew it was her. She was running towards me ...
0 votes, asked Jul 12 '11 by Adela
3 answers
can you correct me
i will develop my ability at 4 points : 1- my skil as psychologist . 2- interview technique 3- psychotherapy ...
0 votes, asked Jul 12 '11 by hissah
2 answers
proper question
Are MM employees involve in the local capital improvements and operations of freight facilities ? See example: 14. Are MM ...
0 votes, asked Jul 11 '11 by George Ronchaquira
2 answers
Rewriting a sentence
Please have any suggestions in rewriting this sentence? See example: Coming to your company is an officer who committed to ...
0 votes, asked Jul 11 '11 by Denise Morgan
1 answer
coma use
in this sentence does the coma follow the word "although" or after the word "them"? See example: Although some of ...
-1 votes, asked Jul 11 '11 by teresha Allen
4 answers
How can i chang this sentence
what is wrong with the first sentence? In ten years, I will be working See example: In ten years, I ...
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by sylvia Plummer
1 answer
Following institutional review board approval (IRB), 20 senior-level baccalaureate nursing students concurrently enrolled in an adult critical care clinical course ...
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by Shirley.Woolf
2 answers
how can I get rid of the passive voice
I was surrounded See example: I was frightened my first response was to run; however, I was surrounded.
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by Dedrick Benson
2 answers
Sentence is Grammatically correct or wrong?
While writing a letter to the Manager of my company I've started the letter as: "I, Raju Saha, working in ...
+1 vote, asked Jul 10 '11 by Raju Saha
1 answer
Reword Sentence
How to reword this sentence? The police took him to the hospital and he was admitted into the detoxification department ...
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by Alexandria Shaw
1 answer
Passive Voice
Okay, I am trying to make this sentence non-passive. Any suggestions? See example: The city of Ur is found mentioned ...
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by Floyd Dorsey
2 answers
does grammarly take footnotes? mine are getting lost. thanks.
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by ather
1 answer
The use of this and these
Sometimes I get confused in using "these" I don't know when and where to use it. I know it's so ...
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by Michelle
1 answer
Can you please correct the faulty parallelism in this sentence.
These may vary from lack of sleep, energy needed to carry out different tasks, and social life alterations.
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by crystal
1 answer
Should the expression "tip-a-day" be hyphenated all the time? Even when it doesn't modify a noun following it?
0 votes, asked Jul 10 '11 by CD
1 answer
please help me! See example: I think that today's social / personal writing also help college-age writers to create effective ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by Valeria Qiuntari
2 answers
sentence structure
I dont know what went wrong with my sentence. please help me! See example: This proof that students are being ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by Valeria Qiuntari
1 answer
How can i word this? See example: In using the Milan Systemic approach a limitation would not know if the ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by shaquana Ivory
1 answer
complementary clause
Is it correct to use a comma to signal a complementary clause like in the example below? Thank you. See ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by Bobby Belarmino
1 answer
what verb do You think I should Use?
made her become the first rapper to acheive that task See example: Her cd spawned seven seven hits on the ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by andreana Robertson
0 answers
Why can't the word disruptive be used?
I am refering to a classroom environment. See example: Many completely shut down, while others create a disruptive environment.
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by millicent person
2 answers
About the participle constrution.
Hello Grammarly~ I am an English teacher in south Korea. Yesterday, I was asked a question about rewriting an orginal[given] ...
0 votes, edited Jul 09 '11 by Dean
0 answers
Ending sentence with a preposition
They say I should rephrase this sentence as to not end with the preposition "from." How do you think I ...
0 votes, asked Jul 09 '11 by Carolyn Pringle
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