1 answer
health care
These sevices they provide, makes it impossible for patients not to depend on healthcare employees. See example: These services they ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '12 by Immaculata Uwanuakwa
9 answers
capitalize spring season
Do I capitalize the seasons of the year such as Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer when using them in a ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 01 '12 by Jerry Lipchik
3 answers
what is wrong with this sentence
please explain See example: It is true that having a defined career path can lead to a more rewarding working ...
-1 votes, asked Feb 01 '12 by Ramesh
2 answers
How best to rewrite this sentence: So it was, as was read, and discussed in chapter four. See example: So ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '12 by Abigail Charles
2 answers
says i should use a better word, but this is a quote. Shouldn't this term be allowed? See example: She ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '12 by Daniel Busby
2 answers
there is nothing to say about See example: Why we use the way we do because of what these movies ...
0 votes, asked Feb 01 '12 by angellica rice
0 answers
Capitalization of refs. to "Papers" and "Parts" in a PhD thesis
In a PhD thesis with several parts each containing several papers,what is the capitalization rule for referencing papers within a ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '12 by Amy Dale
2 answers
singular verb vs. plural verb
when listing two nouns, do you use a plural verb For example in the sentence----When we think of contemporary authors, ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '12 by Renee
3 answers
I don't know what to do with this! Help!
it says my use of examining and assist may not be chronologically correct... I don't know what this means. See ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '12 by helen donahue
2 answers
hello! I am often confused in what cases I should add suffix -al (e.g. economical, educational, vocational, etc) and in ...
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '12 by Hangover
4 answers
can i say i went to the U.S yesterday
0 votes, asked Jan 31 '12 by Aruna
2 answers
Societys vs society's
What is correct? See example: The social idea that surrounded segregation became a vital role in educational systems, in order ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 31 '12 by Sonya Tardy
2 answers
is this correct as far as beginning with clause but not putting subject after verb and object?
Based on the best-selling novel by Michael Lewis (Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game) the multi-billion dollar business ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '12 by Ruth Parkside
2 answers
to subscribe is part of verb, therefore to has to be deleted is not it ? See example: to subcribe ...
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '12 by Chandrakanth Kore
2 answers
Interrupters, like myself or like me
I am not sure if using "like myself" would be appropriate or if it should be "like me". I am ...
0 votes, edited Jan 30 '12 by Ronni R
1 answer
imac usable?
IS this software available for Imac Tiger users?
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '12 by philip tayler
2 answers
he is able to write a simple sentence.
such as I like to play with my toys. See example: Jose is able to write a simple sentence.
0 votes, asked Jan 30 '12 by veatrice Hawkins
0 answers
Howto rewite thse setances to cobvethe same meanig?
Social activities and my responsibilities in social organization had already been transferred to other members who had followed me when ...
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by Anupam Choubey
2 answers
Passive Voice
How do you change meant to the passive voice See example: These words are meant to be meaningful so that ...
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by Courtney
1 answer
please check
Guys, kindly check this if it is correct: Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity and this is the best ...
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by kich
2 answers
Simple present
we should say "it clear that ..." or "it clears that ...".
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by muntasar
1 answer
Is my text an essay or a phargrafh
I wrote Finally, his personal life. Is it possible to write this sentence? See example: However, his most crucial stage ...
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by Mohammed al
1 answer
preset mitakes
try to find ten present tense mistakes See example: Here is my profile: My name is Peter Holzer.
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by bassam
2 answers
fix the sentence fragments
where to put puncuation in this The ship lost it's cargo. which was never discovered
0 votes, asked Jan 29 '12 by ramanjeetkaur
2 answers
Lie Vs Lay
If I say: " She'll put the throw on the ground and lay on it." Is lay correct or should ...
0 votes, asked Jan 28 '12 by Julia Maitre
3 answers
Men singular or plural ?
Subject of men in society having gender expectations placed upon them. See example: Men are endorsed to be rational, autonomous, ...
0 votes, asked Jan 28 '12 by shelia willis
3 answers
Dangling Modifier help
Is this sentence wrong? Grammarly keep on detecting these wrong dangling modifiers in my papers but I'm not sure why ...
0 votes, asked Jan 28 '12 by Si-Khoa Nguyen
1 answer
This is a Rhyme poem
This is a rhyme poem, it will not rhyme if I alter my words See example: He ate until there ...
0 votes, asked Jan 28 '12 by Dawn Taylor
3 answers
Is a comma required?
No single badge of fraud is more important than others to establish fraudulent intent of the debtor under “actual fraud” ...
0 votes, asked Jan 27 '12 by Siddharth Thakor
1 answer
best of or best in?
Hello, I would like to know which one is correct a. the best dancers of the world b. the best ...
0 votes, asked Jan 27 '12 by Manos
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