2 answers
The Present Continuous Tense
How do I used these words in the Present Continuous Tense? forget, agree, disagree, doubt, realise, imagine, know, understand, think, ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 23 '11 by Perpetua
2 answers
Conjunctive adverbs punctuation
what is the difference between the following sentences: • He can leap tall buildings in a single bound; furthermore, Dwight ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by David
2 answers
Synonyms for "Please forward them to your boss"
I have delivered the proposal to you that relating to our new item, kindly let me know your sincerely comment
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by Matchina
0 answers
Noun Pharase and Adverb
A continuation order is the equivalent of approval to continue the originally prescribed medications, like a refill. I have two ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by JunweiZheng
0 answers
direct quotes from the bible
What do you do when you have direct quotes from the bible? You can't change it, so what do you ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by John Hardwick
1 answer
Confusing modifiers
Any suggestions? See example: To determine statistical significance, the researcher plans to report a chi-squared test and report the 95% ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by Jennifer Schwarz
0 answers
education level
how can i fix this problem See example: Education level has an also important role in countries wage distribution every ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by burak
3 answers
what am I doing wrong?
I have tried, Allen Truman was an athlete five years older than Dungy. and Allen Truman a athlete five years ...
0 votes, asked Nov 23 '11 by Julia Smith
1 answer
I do not understand how I can make this sentence correct. Can someone correct it for me? See example: Frances ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Stacy hull
1 answer
Whats wrong with the sentence below?
Ms. Miller said she does not check into Face book on a regular schedule. See example: Ms. Miller stated she ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Wilma Davis
2 answers
Word order
What is the right sentence: 1. I do not know where is my money. 2. I do not know where ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Olga
1 answer
Rewriting this sentence
I need a better way to rewrite this sentence. See example: I looked for information online to compare products and ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Rachel E Coleman
1 answer
Why is this wrong?
I am writing a creative paper for Comm 2 and this is supposed to be a personal story with a ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Sarah
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Subject verb agreement
Any suggestions? See example: They agree the vision is essential yet suggest it be the product of the guiding team.
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Jennifer Schwarz
3 answers
what is worrng with this
it saying the passive voice is not correct here when i'm changing it to the active it saying to me ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Hashem Al-Haj Kheder
2 answers
I can't correct the sentence.
Could you help me to rewrite the question correctly? 'Grammarly' said it's not a question... See example: Which item listed ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Valeria de Souza Oliveira
0 answers
But for and if not for
Please let me know the differences, if any, between "but for" and "if not for". Are there any restrictions of ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Z. A. Jazley
4 answers
Correct phrase structure?
What would be a less clumsy way of forming the following phrase: a box that I don't know what's inside ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Alex Madjarov
1 answer
What is wrong with this sentence See example: We consider this as strength of the agencies and is very curial ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Kyaw Myint Aung
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use of adjectives and advebs how should i write this sentence?
when you add racket balls to the court you are increasing the number of balls which increases pressure and when ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Bridget
1 answer
There is more thatn one Author who wrote this and I am speaking of them as one whole body how ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Sedonia Thompson
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word usage
Does "comparable" follow the same rules as "compare" regarding use of "with" or "to" afterward?
-1 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Georgia Dzurica
1 answer
Even if
It says after "if", I need comma, but I do not think so. See example: Even if they could not ...
0 votes, asked Nov 22 '11 by Yoko
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about the benefits and drawbacks of monolingual and multilingual classes
i have done only introduction and one main body See example: Great number of countries where English is not the ...
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by emin hasanov
1 answer
can somone show me how to fix this See example: They offer over 213 jobs for anyone to choose from.
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by Christopher Ruiz
0 answers
Is test killer really helping for MCSE, CCNA, A+, Cisco and Oracle certification exams?
Hi, My name Shahid, I’m network administer passed MCSE exams by Microsoft, CCNA and CCNP by Cisco. Now I'm preparing ...
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by Shahid Anwer
3 answers
Passive Voice
How can I change this sentence to use an active voice? See example: Problem: Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Youth ...
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by meg
1 answer
Models of Stress, Stressors and Outcomes
how can this statement be made to reflect the same idea? See example: An organization is a place positioned to ...
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by Evelyn Lilley
1 answer
Starting grammarly.
Coppy and paste text (from Open office) to review. Wont review when I press review button. I am logged in.
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by Roderick Tanguay
1 answer
"as well" - comma before ?
Should the comma be added before "as well" ? See example: With the right care and perfect male waxing London ...
0 votes, asked Nov 21 '11 by Rafal
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