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What is the difference?
What is the difference between share accommodation and shared accommodation? Thanks!
0 votes, asked Jul 05 '11 by gayle Ratcliffe
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I don't know how to fix this sentance. See example: Through the movie Walter is slowly building a relationship with ...
0 votes, asked Jul 05 '11 by Aladin Alaves
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" 1. a converting or being converted; specifi,." these particular words comes from the Webster's dictionary I did not copied ...
0 votes, asked Jul 05 '11 by Alexandra
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Sallys dog is dead.
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '11 by Carrie Kadavy
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Why doesn't grammarly check for apostrophe usage?
Harrys car was the fastest. See example: He had 18 laps to go when trouble aroose.
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '11 by Carrie Kadavy
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Hi, I was told by my high school teacher that the comparative word for "hard" is "more hard" and the ...
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check the sentenance.
Suggested to form the joint working level & apex level committees of KNPC & OSSC experts to resolve the issues ...
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '11 by dhande
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What's "Big Oil"?
At the very end of the text (which is about the 1979 oil crisis), what's "Big Oil"? "The world's economic ...
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Disculpen señores; acavo de inscrivirme por un año. Pero no certifique si el progrqama trabaja en español?. Por sus atenciones, ...
0 votes, asked Jul 04 '11 by Jorge Reza
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use of comma
Which comma should be removed? See example: The nurse observes for tachypnea, tachycardia, anxiety, and restlessness, as these can sometimes ...
0 votes, asked Jul 03 '11 by Kathy Bosaw
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How do you note et al?
When APA references require et al. How is it to be typed? See example: Rocco et al., 2009.
0 votes, asked Jul 03 '11 by Linda Neils
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re-phrasing of a long sentence
Could you refrase the following sentence for me: In patients with PAH, the pulmonary vascular expression of growth factors and ...
-1 votes, asked Jul 02 '11 by Anis Abobaker
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Management processes
Secondly, The next management processes is organizing, ), which is, organisation that allow us to provide an appropriate structure and ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '11 by gustavo calixto
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Any suggestions on how to correct this sentence? See example: A collaborative method of delivering the integrated arts in teacher ...
0 votes, asked Jul 02 '11 by fermecia riley
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introductory phrases
On one sentence I was told a comma was not necessary if the introductory phrase was very short (less than ...
0 votes, asked Jul 01 '11 by Susan Westling
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How should the text be written?
I was born and raised in Florida, until I joined the army which brought me to Washington State, where I ...
0 votes, asked Jul 01 '11 by Tim Fulton
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Missing final punctuation
Help with sentence (missing final punctuation See example: WHEN PROCESSING THE JUNE EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTIONS TO ERB I ERRONEOUSLY ENTERED $ ...
0 votes, asked Jul 01 '11 by Alfred Martinez
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which of the following is correct?
Which is correct? who, despite budget cuts, remains or who remains, despite budget cuts,
+1 vote, asked Jul 01 '11 by Tom
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Wordy sentence
How to avoid wordy sentences?
0 votes, asked Jul 01 '11 by eswarphy
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faulty parallelism
they "read" each other's game and "anticipated" each other's posiition on the court. Isn't "read" past tense in parallel with ...
0 votes, asked Jun 30 '11 by Meg Tandy
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Unfortunately, our parents’ marriage did not work, but now we’re happy for our father, that he found some one that ...
0 votes, asked Jun 30 '11 by Henry Tran
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Kimberly, Thanks for your prompt response to my last question. You mentioned that 'when you use 'who' it takes the ...
0 votes, asked Jun 30 '11 by Albert
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once installed to microsoft word what is it this program suppose to do for my writing See example: St John ...
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by Earl Harris jr
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Acceptability of split infinitives
What is the authoritative judgment now on use of split infinitives? I see them often in respectable publications, even in ...
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by Dave
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A religious teaching
Should I say sinners will be compensated or recompensed? Is there another word to use?
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by Les
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please show me incomplete comparison
Please show me how to fix the incomplete comparison in this sentence. Another important fact is the stronger sources of ...
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by latonya white
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sentence order
can I say, "It has been ages since I did not see you." can I say, "I come from France"
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by christine
1 answer
1. Who don't know that there are bubbles in the stocks market? 2. Who doesn't know that there are bubbles ...
0 votes, asked Jun 29 '11 by Albert
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Comparing two or more things.
As the class was taking a potty break, Mrs. Graham was handing out work to the three lower achieving students. ...
0 votes, asked Jun 28 '11 by Margaret
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Grammar check
Hi, I'd like to know the belove sentence is correct.If no, please correct it. See example: Please let me know ...
0 votes, asked Jun 28 '11 by sachiko furuya
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