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wordy - how to revise?
Grammarly says it is wordy. Will you help me revise the sentence. See example: It is an important task in ...
0 votes, asked May 27 '12 by wak ono
3 answers
Is comma required after the room ? When he entered the room he saw the vase broken
punctuation 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Muk
3 answers
Grammar check
No word of condolence is console my heart
+1 vote, asked May 26 '12 by Munira Shah
2 answers
Word choice
Der colleagues! Can I say "my native city"?
0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by marina
1 answer
How can I rewrite this and make it grab the reader!!!! Its the hook of my intro paragraph.
Only one thing has been here longer than the family: the conflict between parents and children.
0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Wayne Hill
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my subject is about the verb
Dear sir: Would you mind defining the verb scientifically according to linguistics?
0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Abdulilah Al-jawadi
1 answer
How could I change an active sentence to passive one?
"{He waters his flowers every day afternoon carefully in greenhouse.}"
active 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by hadi
4 answers
what is the difference between home and house?
Look: He was in my home. He was in my house.
-1 votes, asked May 26 '12 by hadi
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When we use "in" or "at" for words?
For these words when we use "at" and "in"? Tabriz (City) : mall : emergency sector: operation room:
in-at -1 votes, edited May 26 '12 by hadi
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How could you help an ESL student to write an essay without any mistakes?
I am learning English as a second language. I am now near to take TOEFL and IELTS exam. I need ...
essay 0 votes, edited May 26 '12 by hadi
2 answers
differences between lose and miss
What is the diffrence between lose and miss?
Difference between lose and miss 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Ivan
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What is a better way to word this sentence?
The university of Arizona is an institution that will exact the excellence required of me to reach my academic and ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by becky stein
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How would you correct the Sentence
This year i said it will be game changer at the hotel and we have not moved forward from last ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by B Patel
4 answers
Please check article to find grammatical error
Anil used to business of sandal wood. One day, he came to know that selling of woods have been decline.After ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by GAURAV SHARMA
2 answers
What is the correct verb?
Any of teh alums is able to come. or Any of the alums are able to come. Which of these ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Frankie Sutherlnad
0 answers
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Frankie Sutherlnad
2 answers
use of operational vs operating when referring to expenses
It is more grammatically correct to say the sponsor is responsible for the "operational" expenses of the facility or the ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Jeanne Hutchins
2 answers
I so enjoyed our meeting yesterday.
does this make sense?
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by jo
2 answers
Possessive name
Chomsky's greatest academic achievement I've added Chomsky's and other possessive names to the dictionary and the program still marks them ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Bob Miller
4 answers
It seems than often, when referring to time, MORE THAN and LONGER THAN are interchangable. Please correct me if I'm ...
COMPARISONS 0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Ian Marshall
1 answer
To comma, or not to comma.
In a few hours, her father would be home. In a few hours her father would be home. Which is ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '12 by Tony Proano
1 answer
Modal verb Why doesn't it like the word 'caught'?
The perfect tense verb, “caught”, may not be in the proper form. Because it is used with a modal verb, ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by Bob Miller
3 answers
grammar and usage
In the last sentence, is the word "there" correct grammar? I thought I heard somewhere that using "that there" was ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by Sharan
3 answers
How can I make this paragraph sound better.
The entrepreneur can be defined as an employer of productive labor. In Aravind Adiga's White Tiger Balram tries to define ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by sophia perry
1 answer
Hello community. Please hel me revise the sentence below. See example: Therefore, to conclude on the role that pharmacist play ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by JOANNE OKOLO
3 answers
Question form for this.
Hi , Can anyone help me with this? Change the following sentense into question for which has to refer to ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by Sndp
1 answer
past tense of "do"
Using the correct tense of do is difficult for many people. Many people say "I should have did that yesterday" ...
+1 vote, asked May 24 '12 by Flemming Pedersen
3 answers
Passive or active voice
The film has often been praised for its stark realism. Is this sentence in the active or passive voice?
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by Mary
0 answers
hi how can i make sure im only using citation and plagiarism,i wrote this essay and im not sure if ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by vonachelle
1 answer
please correct them
i am writting an e-mail to COO to reqeust my staff to attend a dinner party , please help to ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '12 by Doris Ng
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