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Use of similar or alike.
Fill in the blank by perfect word: Some people are more________ than others. (alike, similar)
0 votes, asked Sep 08 by anayat Bukhari
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Literary Device
what are the alliterations in the sentence "imagine being to be so sensitive about offending people"?
Sentence-interpretation -1 votes, asked Sep 07 by sahar
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"Offer for" vs "offer of"
When do you use each form? Thanks!
0 votes, asked Sep 07 by Candice Smith
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the meanning
when person says I must dance with you what does the person mean?
I must dance with you 0 votes, asked Sep 07 by Prince Kenechukwu Omenakaya
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Tidy context
Hello everybody. First of all, I'm french therefore I'm sorry if I'm struggling to grasp the deeper meaning of the ...
tidy 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by B
1 answer
Parts of Speech
What are the specific parts of speech in this sentence? Alba and Reid were invited to interview for jobs with ...
partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by Ashlee Lynn
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For resume
I'm looking to update my resume and asking for help in rewording for "answering telephone calls"
-1 votes, asked Sep 06 by Linda
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Refund after automatic subscription
Apparently, yesterday (9.5.2014) my account was charged with one payment of $139.95. I guess that it was an automatic subscription. ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 by ronen ziv
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Grammar question
Choose from a and b : Could you tell me , where .... Find a Christmas tree ? a) Can ...
can 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by Sarah mahdy
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Here is the sentence: Do you have any time for Michelle and I to come over?
Shouldn't it be "time for Michelle and me to come over?"Which governs in this case, the "me" as object of ...
0 votes, asked Sep 05 by Jamie Wolf
1 answer
I want to use the word compose in sentence and make it strong gramatically correct: Composing music from notes or ...
grammer english tagline 0 votes, asked Sep 05 by Kelly
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Punctuation and sentence structure
Hello, I can't figure out howthe punctiuation in this sentence. In the Andaman Sea, there is a isolated peninsula, surrounded ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 05 by Ryan
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Each other, plural or singular?
Which is correct? And why? Selina and I were the best of friends, and we frequently helped each other in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Michael Hector
3 answers
Is it correct to answer "when you want" to "when do you want to meet?"
0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Chiara Siclari
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Personally Identifiable Information
In the context of internet security, it is common to see the use of the phrase Personally Identifiable Information meaning ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Keith Kauffman
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Noun Subject and Verb Agreement.
Write S for singular verb and P for a plural verb: 1. The core of the discussions P 2. Star ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Diana Hong
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Hatch or hatched
Is it more correct to say 'Baby dinosaurs hatched from eggs' or 'Baby dinosaurs hatch from eggs' ?
0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Sophie
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use of apostrophe after an s
The name of my farm is Stones Throw farm. What is the meaning if i add an aprostrophe vs if ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 03 by kgg
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commas or no commas
Don’t be surprised that those, who don’t smell very nice, like bullsh*t. It's meant to mean 'like' as if in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Anna Zuzaw
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Comma between words
Should there be a comma before and after a sentence using you, yourself? For example: And this is a letter ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Becky Akins
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Adjectives after nouns?
An example..."main library downtown" vs. "downtown main library." I don't feel like the adjective should be after the noun. Anyone ...
adjectives 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Charla Hudson Oppenlander
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"and other fuel card related processes". <---- Would this have two hyphens? Or any?
0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Lindsay
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is this sentence correct?
So why they want to move here, I don't know, but I'm going to try and find out.
please help incorrect 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by --Leeeeeeeeeel
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Identify the type of error in the sentence. If the sentence contains no error, select C.
Identify the type of error in the sentence. If the sentence contains no error, select C. Sliding down the hill, ...
English3 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Marco Solis
1 answer
I'm not sure if my sentence makes sense and/or is grammatically correct?
These freedoms can be as simple as saying “The Pledge of Allegiance” or they can be of a higher importance ...
question Sentence grammar 0 votes, edited Sep 03 by Jenny Nguyen
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Sentence Structure amd Verbs
y grade are very good this semester my social life rates only a C.
0 votes, asked Sep 03 by Sandra Pires
1 answer
Please settle an argument.
Is it correct to write "How the boundaries of Europe have been changing over the past 1000 years" or "How ...
0 votes, asked Sep 02 by Gary Foley
1 answer
US and U.K English
I want to understand the difference between U.K and US English, and the type of English (U.K or US) used ...
english 0 votes, asked Sep 02 by Natalia
1 answer
Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to use "intolerant" in a sentence. The following examples *sound* correct to me: ...
grammar +1 vote, asked Sep 02 by Sabrina Smith
2 answers
Quotes within quotes
I am looking for an answer for UK English grammar Should I say: ‘You flatter me, Henry, but you should ...
0 votes, asked Sep 01 by Nick Baker
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