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Are national holidays hyphenated?
Hi there, Could you advise if national holidays need to be hyphenated before the word 'day' please? E.g. Penguin Awareness ...
hyphen hyphenated +1 vote, asked May 18 by Claire
2 answers
grammar usage
What is correct... in regards to or in regard to?
0 votes, asked May 18 by Beth McBride
2 answers
What is right or wrong with the following sentence? I had studied English yesterday.
grammar 0 votes, asked May 18 by D
2 answers
What is wrong with this sentence?
"We should practice in English very often." I know something isn't quite right grammatically with this sentence but I am ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 17 by Josepi Davisi
2 answers
Questions and answers
Question : Have I given you the key? Answer : The key is still with you
0 votes, asked May 17 by Bunmi Akinyemi
1 answer
When you came,they were already taken to the airport .Is this sentence correct grammatically?
+1 vote, asked May 17 by sergül
1 answer
Use how many dots when a sentence ends with an ellipsis?
1. Surely a rude thing to do... 2. Surely a rude thing to do... . 3. Surely a rude thing ...
ellipsis punctuation +1 vote, edited May 17 by Deep
1 answer
about there is
Please explain me. We can say that " there is a cat on the roof". And similarly, can we say ...
0 votes, asked May 17 by jayamal wickramasinghe
2 answers
Using adjectives as nouns - diametric
Can the word "diametric" be used as a noun? For example, "That is the complete diametric of what I meant." ...
0 votes, asked May 17 by Malynnda Littky
1 answer
all vs everything
Hi, should I use (all) or (everything) in this sentence? Don't worry, you'll be given everything____ you need for your ...
0 votes, asked May 17 by karine
1 answer
Mopping with a mop?
As I understand redundency is a big no no in English. However, I've come through some answers my pupils gave ...
redundancy mop grater cycle weeding 0 votes, asked May 17 by WONG CHE YEONG
1 answer
Bossy verbs
Are the verbs, smile, tug, stare, sleep and look bossy verbs?
0 votes, asked May 17 by Archana Deepak
1 answer
mixing verb tenses
Are the mixed verb tenses in following sentences incorrect: She held her binoculars to her eyes, focusing on the guests ...
0 votes, asked May 16 by Robin
1 answer
I vs. me - again
Bill and Jenn Kline, aka "The Little Couple" have a new season beginning on TV. Her introductory byline is "It's ...
little couple I Me +1 vote, asked May 16 by Cathy Denison
1 answer
I or me
This is the title of a paper: My Computer and I Shouldn't it be me instead of I? I thought ...
0 votes, asked May 16 by AZTeach
1 answer
Add 'to' or not
In a children's book it said "They help him win his fights." My Japanese friend asked why it does not ...
0 votes, asked May 16 by Mona
0 answers
best of both singular plural
Which one is correct:1. the best of both systems is put to use2. The best of both systems are put ...
0 votes, asked May 16 by Nicolas Gombault
2 answers
Too much vs too much of
Which is correct and why? 1. One shouldn't eat too much chocolate.2. One shouldn't eat too much of chocolate.
of too much +1 vote, asked May 16 by Abdul Quadir
0 answers
Chrome Extension
I downloaded Grammarly and I am mostly using it when I write comments on facebook. Sometimes it pops up on ...
0 votes, asked May 15 by Mary Enck
0 answers
Maintaining parallel structure in items in a series
I have a disagreement with someone whether this phrase is grammatically correct: • Devise a Positive Behavior Support Plan to ...
0 votes, asked May 15 by Shefali Gandhi-List
1 answer
to be verb
As every verb in English language is having its own singular form like singular form of ' are' is 'is', ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 15 by Arman Ali
1 answer
Proper use of 'is' and 'are'
Which is proper to use? 'During dialysis, a large amount of water is used.....' or 'During dialysis, large amounts of ...
is are +1 vote, asked May 15 by Bill Palanuk
2 answers
Ours or our's
The sentence: You were all of ours baby sister. Is it ours or our's.
0 votes, asked May 15 by May Martini
1 answer
"kill" or "kills"
Pasteurella* and Clostridial Disease kill lambs every summer. OR Pasteurella* and Clostridial Disease kills lambs every summer.
0 votes, asked May 15 by Kieran
0 answers
Can we use the definite article (the) as having generic reference and specific reference?
0 votes, asked May 15 by david
2 answers
Proper Preposition
Which is grammatically correct? Your changes to this step have been successfully saved or Your changes for this step have ...
preposition 0 votes, asked May 15 by Karias Bolster
2 answers
Is this correct? When I came home, my mother had fallen asleep.
grammar +1 vote, asked May 15 by D
3 answers
Pronoun usage (subject or object?)
In the following sentence, would "I" or "me" be correct?All of the English teachers, including Mrs. Sanford and I/me, were ...
pronoun subject object 0 votes, asked May 15 by Sara
0 answers
Dependent Clause Question
Hi guys, in the following sentence: "Stabilizing energy prices are now helping headline inflation measures move higher, a shift that ...
0 votes, asked May 14 by Amir
1 answer
Hi, How do you know when to say more + adjective versus adding -er to the end of the word? ...
0 votes, asked May 14 by AZTeach
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