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correct my sentence
Yuri, our Russian exchange student, will be twenty one on the first of September this year.
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Rhonda Hunt
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"Escalating deterioration?"
The commentators on a certain news network use the phrase "escalating deterioration" to describe a situation that is quickly worsening. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Dan Talbot
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Can anyone check my grammar,grammatical mistakes and sentence structure please?
For further cooperation with regard to production inside the plant, the maintenance team has to do in For further cooperation ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Mohamed Ali
1 answer
preposition and object
If there is a preposition that means there is no object to the verb He writes me He writes to ...
to preposition object 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Anu
2 answers
Because or Since?
Consider a sentence: ____ I have no money, I can't buy a car 1. Which one is the most suitable ...
because since 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by M Khan
3 answers
Usage of 'that' and 'which' in this case
Hello, I'm reading a book, in which I couldn't understand this part; Similarly, when people encounter claims that they know ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Oodo
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simple senteces
Convert the followig sentences in ysimple sentences.1Beside being a good students,he was the best speaker.2 To his utter disgrace,he betrayed ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Inoxent Hamid
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i miss you terrible.
What is wrong with this sentence about adverb or preposition?
0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Ayesha Rahaman
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How to correct these misplaced or hanging modifiers
Stan is a successful architect and interior designer whose custom-built homes stagger the imagination. Priced beyond what the average person ...
grammar english modifiers misplaced 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Bob Stevens
2 answers
comma - zero conditional
Should I put comma between the two parts of the sentence 'If you arrange a meeting with them they are ...
comma zeroconditional 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Dasha
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parts of speech
What part of speech is the word "treated" in the sentence: It is time we start getting treated equally.?
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by ROSEMARY CHESTER
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English Tenses Test
1. The team _____ along the river when they accidently found a big cave. A. were walking C. walked E. ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 18 by Dikdik Ferdiat
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How does this read to you?
Wondering how, upon first impression, you read this (phonetically, how does it sound)? EMRG
Phonetic readability Accronym 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Tommy Lynn
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how to use passive
we use passive when it not obvious who did something
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by namory
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Identifying the person(s)
In a previous question I asked: Is the "no person" the same person referred to as the following "he" and ...
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by John LaVoie
1 answer
Article use before items in lists
If the items in a list use different articles, must you write the correct article form in front of each ...
Articles lists 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Isabel Enerson
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sentence formation
Hi there! need some help ...can you say "who gives a book gives a dream" ? or is it better ...
who 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by ilaria
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Which sentence is correct? Is hurtful thoughts OK or should I say hurtful memories?
Dwelling on our circumstances or “replaying” hurtful thoughts serves no purpose but to steal our joy. Dwelling on our circumstances ...
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Susan
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From_to_ using adjectives
how can i put 'from to' to describe my emotion changes? 'From disheartend to brightened' or 'from being disheartend to ...
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by haier wu
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What do you think caused the American version of Anorexia to become common in Hong Kong so rapidly?
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by kristen
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Is this a good sentence, if not how can I make it better without losing the message?
With movie adaptation of bestsellers, and cult favorites becoming prominent in American society, added to the fact that growing technological ...
0 votes, asked Feb 18 by leida
2 answers
Irritated (by/at/with)
Hi. Do I use irritated by, at or with? My sentence is: 'I have never been so irritated.....that sound!' Thank ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Charlotte20102013
1 answer
HELP ! Can you find the Subject and Verb in this sentence ?
Setting the oven to the right temperature, so the bread can lay there and cook. And is Lay in past ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 by brooke
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What's the difference between digging and shoveling?
My neighbor says that digging and shoveling are the same. I say they are different other than they both remove ...
digging shoveling Difference 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by hanksherman
1 answer
Article With Uncountable Noun - 2 sentences
Is the use of the article correct in the following sentences: 1. I love rice. It is a(?!) healthy food ...
article Uncountable noun 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Ju Ratė
1 answer
Grammar Correction
Is this sentence (question) gramatically correct? If not, would you please explain to me what is the problem. Thanks a ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Zoe
1 answer
Using an Apostrophe
Which of the following is correct? 1) We do not believe CEOs must have financial pedigrees. 2) We do not ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Laura Ercoli
2 answers
convert the following sentence into simple sentence
inspite of his good health he was in good spirits
0 votes, asked Feb 17 by mehwish raja
1 answer
grammar correction
in case of any dispute the approved plan will be stands cancelled
m 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Anoshay Fahad
1 answer
to or ing
I wanna know how you distinguish the place to use ' toV' and '-ing'form. It's hard for me to choose ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Youngsun Han
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