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privacy is important to each one of us...better hide my albums 181 and more.
how am i going to formulate my sentence. ( privacy is important better hide my albums in facebook...181 and more)
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by bonita strella gazetta
1 answer
Is the following sentence correct
Which day of the week is it 7 days after 4 th october?
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Anilkumar T.k
2 answers
"Gates to remain open." Which structure is this?
I don't clearly understand this structure. I don't if it has a grammatical name but I hear people using this ...
+2 votes, asked Feb 04 by Scheelite
1 answer
Can anyone give me a hand to comprehand this expanation plz
A claim is something which someone says which they cannot prove and which may be false. In this definition, how ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Noah
1 answer
rewrite into other voice
Take care of your things. Someone might steal them
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Gayathri
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You can have a button from this chocolate bar
Do we say, "You can have a button from this chocolate bar" Heard it yesterday, dunno if it is correct.
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Geoirge
1 answer
How can I post my essay (draft here?). I have an uncompleted essay which needs introduction and conclusion, but first ...
0 votes, asked Feb 04 by elina
1 answer
forest finery
is finery a noun as well in this case
noun +1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Rebecca Karlsson
1 answer
choose the sentence that demonstrates appropriate use of conjunctions. a. I love music but cannot play an instrument, so I ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by ashik
1 answer
Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles . put a x in those blanks that don't require an article . ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by satyajit majumder
1 answer
Fragment or Complete sentence
When people enter a theater or house of worship.It is important for them to turn off their cell phones
Fra +1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Chris Gumina
2 answers
paragraph about grammar
How can I write a paragraph according to this question : How might you use the skills you have learned ...
+1 vote, edited Feb 04 by elina
1 answer
Need help on reviewing an essay tell punctuation errors spelling everything
Islam and Christianity are the two largest religions in the world, Christianity having a following of approximately 2.1 billon people, ...
0 votes, asked Feb 04 by Navarro Bowman #Boweezy #53hunnit
1 answer
parts of speech
Maria might spend the night.
0 votes, asked Feb 04 by PJF
2 answers
grammar rule
What is the explanation of the actual grammatical rule?
+1 vote, asked Feb 04 by Ahmariyah King
2 answers
correct use of the word using
"I remember using to ride my bike." Is this the correct way to use the word using. What is trying ...
Using +1 vote, asked Feb 04 by julie
2 answers
Metaphor help!
How does a metaphor help someones reading?
0 votes, asked Feb 04 by David Liu
3 answers
made of / made from
Scissors are made ( of - from ) one piece of metal . And the reason please .Thanks
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Omnia
2 answers
Grammer... please help me with this sentence
Which sentence is gramatically written better? You write well you should represent the company. or, You write well. You should ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Pamela Trushinsky
1 answer
Using a comma after 'hello' or 'hi' before a name sounds unnatural to me.
Everytime I let Grammarly suggest corrections to an email it suggests adding a comma after 'hello' or 'hi.' For example, ...
comma formality hello hi 0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Arena
1 answer
Is this correct grammar
If someone else needs to attend the meeting.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Joyce Ross
2 answers
Plural of Plethora
Does the word 'plethora' have a plural form? For example: 'There are a variety of separate and distinct plethoras out ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Mike Bael
2 answers
Which of the following sentences are correct?
1) May your life continue to be like a fragrance to Jesus . 2) May your life continues to be ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by mcclarem
1 answer
Make sentence active
A separate bill from AT&T; will be sent to customers who continue to lease equipment.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Lisa Anderson
1 answer
when I should use (s) or (z) at the end of age/numbers?
e.g. 90s dance hits , mid-20s , 95z (?) I'm not sure if 95z is correct, I've seen on the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Lia
2 answers
Use of hyphen
Widely-used or widely used?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Nancy
2 answers
i want you to give me a correct and a suitable answer.
hello there, I want to know is this sentence correct or wrong according to grammer and logic (I buy a ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Ehsan oria
1 answer
active and passive voice
identify the active and passive sentences in the following sentences .change the voice of th active into passive and passive ...
+2 votes, asked Feb 03 by Radwan Uddin
2 answers
grammatically sentence is right or not
i want to ask you " did you do something is grammatically right or not.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by sneha sharma
1 answer
Is the grammer correct or not
Who has your holiday cottage been designed by?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Ortencia
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