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Dear Experts, Could you please review the sentence below? Which is grammatically correct? "Request you to raise SCR for 124444 ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Natalia
1 answer
proper use of "honored to" vs "honored by"
Here is the sentence I am working on: I'm honored to be considered for an Outpost Artist-in-Residence position...(etc.) Word keeps ...
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Robin Rosenthal
0 answers
How to rewrite a question
How do I rewrite this question?. What is the meaning imbeded in this picture?
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Lana
0 answers
Usage of the word parity
How do you use parity to say something is the same as something else? Are any of these correct? Stock ...
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by A
1 answer
Use of there
Is it right? There has a car. There has many problems. I am confused with this.........please help me....
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Rony
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2 Paragraph Assignment
Write a well developed multi-paragrah essay delineating the elelments of the short story that were excluded from the play "The ...
english 2 Paragraphs assignment -1 votes, asked Mar 25 by Tybault Cook
1 answer
Adverbial Phrase
In the sentence "I understand Chinese a little bit," what kind of phrase is "a little bit"? I would say ...
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Tony Dyer
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Grammarly trying to connect
When I enable grammarly, It will not connect. It has been doing this for several days. I exist and close ...
0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Ruby Miles
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Is this sentence correct « She accurately gave him answers during the exam» ??
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Alex Alex
1 answer
Relative pro noun
He was in an unknown land, compared with which the gooseberry garden was a stale delight, mere material pleasure. What ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Rohana Andaraweera
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Help me write gooder
Which is correct? (Or... is this a clumsy way to avoid ending on the preposition?) "I know that Acme Products ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by John Owens
1 answer
Is inaugural ball capitalized?
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Jody Johnson
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Stated that?
I am an intern in a mental health counseling agency. We have to phrase our documentation to include mention that ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Treasure Wade
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passive voice
hello, I want to know wether the following sentences be changed into passive voice or not and if not what ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by najeeb
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Checking grammar
May I know is my grammar correct:Vánoce — Christmas in Czech, is a festival fills with love, warmth and romance. ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Michelle Leung
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The proper use the of the word "as" in a sentence.
Which sentence below is the correct grammar? The movie was as good as the book. The movie was good as ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Dr.Teresa Harris
1 answer
She goes to school by bus
i want convert to Question
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Grenn Movie
1 answer
grammatic usage of Late
whether salutation like Mr/Mrs for a late person is correct?
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by asha
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In the sentence, "I do my best thinking and studying at night." what part of speech is thinking?
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Sonya
2 answers
grammer correction
yesterday you are in leave
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by vijaya
1 answer
Correct the sentence.
It is i who is to blame.
papu 0 votes, asked Mar 24 by Priyabrata Bharasa
1 answer
Semi-colon & "with whom" use
Is this sentence grammatically correct? "I believe in constantly learning and evolving my skills; and love meeting new people to ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 by erik
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parts of speech
They ate up all our strawberries and melons, then promised we could eat up all their grapes and peaches when ...
partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Mar 24 by vickie
1 answer
Correct possessive adjective use
Which sentence is correct: "We thank the Board of Directors for its support" or "We thank the Board of Directors ...
adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Nigil
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I feel that the comparison in the sentence below is wrong but am unsure how to correct
This example describes one scenario in which executives’ sophisticated understanding of their firms’ business conditions helps them better differentiate individual ...
0 votes, asked Mar 23 by esma
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function within the sentence
It will also sit in other provinces as and when required
0 votes, asked Mar 23 by sithembiso
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Comparatives or superlatives?
Why are people using more and most in descriptions rather than the suffixes -er and -est?
COMPARISONS more MOST superlatives 0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Brenda W. Elmore
0 answers
Is this sentence correct?
"We aren't very different, she and I?" Or should it be "her and I"
0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Gabrielle Mitchell
0 answers
Outdoor or Outdoors
Going to start a company end with "Outdoor/s" going to sell sport equipments Edge Outdoor or Outdoors Sport Outdoor or ...
0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Johan
2 answers
Which is correct: who or whom?
My cousin Sylvie, (who) (whom) I am teaching to fly a kite, watches us every time we compete.
0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Robert Black
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