1 answer
Agreement with the word "every" and "their lives" or "their life".
Which is correct? "Every student is capable of success with the help and guidance of a positive adult in their ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Susan Thomas
1 answer
Is there a tag for 'Some didn't come'?
Quantifier 'some' implies positive even in a negative sentence. Is it possible at all to add a tag to this ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Oscar
2 answers
If he ____ the car immediately, the accident wouldn’t have happened. what is the answer of this question?
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Towhid Sagar
2 answers
Passive voice
Is it possoble to make passive of the sentences having "Let" construction and what is the procedure for it?? e.g, ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Ghulamdada16
1 answer
english construction
At the outset, the speaker embarks a journey towards the night world.
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Mahendra Chhangani
1 answer
Passive voice of negative imperative
"Don't eat the food" Can I use "Don't let" for making passive voice of above sentence?? e.g, Don't let the ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 by Ghulamdada16
3 answers
Wrong usage
If there is gramatical mistake in english can we say it as wrong usage or incorrect usage or wrong saying? ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Dec 11 by subin sam
1 answer
Use of semicolon
Hi there, I am co-writing a paper and wondering whether my use of the semicolon is appropriate. I can't post ...
Semicolon lists commasplice 0 votes, asked Dec 10 by Annika
1 answer
change the narration
Noor said can i open my account in this bank
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by mahmood
0 answers
When and how to use a "dash"
Hello, I'm in the process of proofreading a document and I find myself confused on the appropriate use of the ...
grammar punctuation dash dashes 0 votes, asked Dec 10 by Maya
1 answer
Is the word oversaw an adjective?
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by hope
1 answer
Present perfect tense-been,without been
Dear Grammarly, I have confusion in using present perfect tense. What are the difference of the followings : 1. She ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by julie18
2 answers
What is Distance Education?
Open University and distance education courses of universities can be doing therefore on their own risk because the course could ...
educationaly 0 votes, asked Dec 10 by gitika mathur
1 answer
Active and Passive voice
"Someone has come to kill me" What will be the passive voice of this sentence ??
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by Ghulamdada16
1 answer
Referring to dates
I have a question about the use of dates, specifically referring to them in past. I cannot seem to find ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by Kristina Wilenski
1 answer
Is it: "Sally's and Maria's birthday" or Sally and Maria's bithdays" or something else? thanks.
plural possessive 0 votes, asked Dec 10 by Jessica
0 answers
cancel free trial
I want to cancel free trial
0 votes, asked Dec 10 by chioma wopara
1 answer
I verse myself
One of my favorites of Liz and I. Or One of my favorite of Liz and myself.
-1 votes, asked Dec 10 by ifyouruwhoami
2 answers
Travel as a noun vs. verb
Does it make sense to say, "The subject had travel to France" when you are simply trying to say that ...
noun verb 0 votes, asked Dec 09 by mac
1 answer
joining the two sentences by a relative adverb
The sun was shining. I walked outside. It needs to be joined by a relative adverb . I have tried ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 by soufiane
1 answer
Just put some worries
Sir, Is it a correct usage to use put in the following sentence. "Just put some worries."
put 0 votes, asked Dec 09 by subin sam
1 answer
does Claim + Evidence = Premise
0 votes, asked Dec 09 by Courtney Ashley
0 answers
Commas-Too many?
Where do I need to put commas in the following sentence: Bitcoin allows people to purchase items privately, but in ...
commas 0 votes, asked Dec 09 by Diane
1 answer
If you have to write something like Christian's and Muslim's would you use. 's. If you you need to use ...
plural singular 0 votes, asked Dec 09 by Claire
1 answer
usuage of vocabulary?
in what circumstances could you use the word communication with an 's'(plural noun)? isn't communication an uncountable noun?
0 votes, asked Dec 09 by nicole jang
1 answer
sentence structure
Should I write -Jane welcomes back Tom - or Jane welcomes Tom back?
0 votes, asked Dec 08 by Cindy Bland
0 answers
Help with asking for underlined parts
I have a small exercise needs doing. Make questions for the bold parts. 1. He has been to twenty countries ...
0 votes, edited Dec 08 by ados oman
1 answer
which vs present participle for effect/result of previous verb
Hello. Please consider the following example: The cat knocked a dish off the table, causing the dog to bark. The ...
which participle 0 votes, asked Dec 08 by Dan
0 answers
restate the sentence
There ar no differences between races
0 votes, asked Dec 08 by jordin
1 answer
Past habit usage
I am writing a children's story, and so far I've been writing in past simple tense (I'm relatively sure) with ...
pasthabit tense pastsimple storytelling Narration 0 votes, asked Dec 08 by gbacq
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