1 answer
Use of contractions
Is this correct: Do you know what your doctor's really thinking?
apostrophe contractions possessive 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Phyllis Renfro
0 answers
asking a friend about medicine names
Hi XXXX,ping me the medicines that u want for ur kid,as im going India this week.. (Is this way of ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 by poornima
1 answer
Share vs Share In
I am currently writing my wedding invitations and unsure about the grammar in one sentence. The portion of the sentence ...
vs wedding sentence-fragment grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Clare
0 answers
grammar usage
Is this sentence correct-" I talked for almost 1 minute and vodacom ate R4"
-1 votes, asked Oct 15 by nkululeko sandile mvuleni
1 answer
Proper position of adverb
Hello, I'm just wondering which sentence is better (more natural) for English-native speaker. 1) Tom and Mike know each other ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Mizuki Ono
2 answers
Should there be a question mark or a full stop after:"I hope all is well"
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by olujide tale Mary
1 answer
subject/verb agreement with parentheses and "and" or "along with"
Are the following correct? Slowly, the narrator (along with Shaz) changes his mind about Joseph. Slowly, the narrator (and Shaz ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by donna
0 answers
“Four Freedoms” speech
Which answer best identifies the argument Roosevelt makes about peace in the “Four Freedoms” speech? I chose : Peace will ...
Roosevelt FourFreedoms speech peace -1 votes, asked Oct 14 by Rosa Sparkle
1 answer
affect or effect
(This medication) was taken in the past, which had an agitating ______________ affect or effect?
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by cstew
1 answer
Had I been talking to someone else, I would not have used that word. Is this grammatically correct?
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Nasir
0 answers
plural or singular
Is "employee benefits" singular or plural? Here is the context in which it appears both ways: Q. Describe how employee ...
singular plural 0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Carol Rini
2 answers
Correct the sentence
I like the English weather in winter .
-1 votes, asked Oct 14 by Agnieszka WROBLEWSKA
1 answer
Singular or plural verb
Which sentence is correct? 1. The second challenge for the company is drivers of technology that permit [...] or 2. ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Yvonne Kurtz-Tesche
1 answer
is it correct to use brother in this sentance
I live with my cousin brother
0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Abnish Dhadwal
1 answer
please help, strange word order (verb-subject)
Hello, I have come across a lot of sentences written by my Russian friends where they use unusual word order, ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 by Kat
0 answers
General knowledge
Please help me with grammar on the two following sentences."Unity means everythin", "Influenced by Vision inspired by us ". I ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 by Hendrick
1 answer
Which is correct?1. She decided not to have children.2. She decided against having children.
0 votes, asked Oct 13 by Mani
1 answer
this name reminds me of someone
is my grammar correct?
0 votes, asked Oct 13 by Janica Mae Tagulao
2 answers
how this sentence can be active voice?
1. comets are estimated to pass between Earth and the moon once every 100 years. 2. it is estimated that ...
0 votes, asked Oct 13 by 최최종훈
1 answer
Help... i don't understand this...
"that should correspond to the payments due to you less your invoices that were payable to us." What dose this ...
help sense 0 votes, asked Oct 12 by Jessica Black
0 answers
ile Fill in the blanks with a cative simile She was as talkative as ---------------------The bridge chirped like ----------------The car ...
0 votes, asked Oct 12 by mixzz
0 answers
Thank you
Please correct my sentence. I constantly thank you very much to all your prayers, greetings and wishes on my another ...
0 votes, asked Oct 12 by Sofia
2 answers
plz correct my sentence
I am not the one who you think,but I am a person as I want
0 votes, asked Oct 12 by zaid mk
0 answers
To 'the' or not to 'the'?
Hyphenated adjectives aside, is omitting the "the" in "on scene," "in studio," "on set" etc any more or less correct ...
article the PrepositionalPhrases 0 votes, asked Oct 12 by Papa Poule
2 answers
HELP! Is this sentence written correctly?
Isn't that what we all want for our children; I know I do.
0 votes, asked Oct 11 by Jacqueline Joy
0 answers
To use a comma, or not to use the comma
I have signed this code and take what it represents very seriously based on how I was raised by my ...
commas 0 votes, asked Oct 11 by Maureen
0 answers
Visited vs. Have visited...HELP
Is it correcct to write: I have visited this area in China. OR I visited this area in China. This ...
0 votes, asked Oct 11 by Bella
0 answers
subject verb agreement
In a book I saw the sentence" a man of abilities ARE needed." I'm really confused for I think that ...
agreement number 0 votes, asked Oct 11 by Triton
0 answers
Change the Distressing Activities of Packing into Easy Running Action
It is very tough time once you came to know about your current relocation need. This experience is actually followed ...
0 votes, asked Oct 11 by sweta kumari
1 answer
''Since from''
I have one doubt about this question. And the question is " What you have done sience from morning" is ...
0 votes, asked Oct 11 by Meesala Praveen
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