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conditional sentence
can someone help? See example: I recall a teacher that would mark the entire problem wrong if the answer were ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 '11 by Tina O'Shields
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Follow up question
Is the word 'only' always followed by just subject pronouns? i.e. only I, you, he, she, it, we, they. e.g. ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 '11 by Albert
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It's not an error but the score is convinced it is.
Here's the sentence: A username and password can be found at the back of the book. Grammarly picks up that ...
0 votes, asked Dec 11 '11 by John Chapman
2 answers
What am I doing wrong in this sentence? Thank you, D. Eggert See example: Learning is a continuing process, and ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by Debora Benencase Eggert
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what should i do? See example: Julius Caesar was a Roman general and politician who was born and raised in ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by Justin Woodard
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which is the correct sentence?: 1- it`s crucial that she is on time 2- it`s crucial that she be on ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by LUCY
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sentence correction
which one is correct? project report details for approval project details report for approval
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by chitra
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Whats wrong with this sentence ??
When it all began, the 1918 “Spanish” flu, H1N1 virus had spread amongst the soldier during World War I. Once ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by christina
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Help finding places on website
I am a student and my teacher gave me a student password so that I may use this website to ...
0 votes, asked Dec 10 '11 by Kassidy Tidd
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When do you use a apostraphe
When writing Happy Holidays on a card do you write Happy Holidays or Happy Holiday's.
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Janett Lancaster
2 answers
How to use apostrophe
Do you you a apostrophe when writing Happy Holiday's
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Janett Lancaster
3 answers
Which is the correct sentence? 1. 'only me doesn't like tomatoes in my family.' 2. 'only me don't like tomatoes ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Albert
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Is this sentence correct?
I sat up and yawned, looking around my new room. Although it had already been a week, I still could ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by ShaFira Hussein
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personal pronoun "you"
The personal pronoun, “you”, may not be appropriate for formal writing. Consider removing this pronoun, and rephrasing your sentence. See ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Joseph Macarthy
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"To" after "it is recommended", "it is suggested"
I have to proofread a technical text which uses a lot of impersonal passive structures. The people who wrote it ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Christiane
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i need help to fix this esssay
Also, throughout the case study, the leaders forced their views and overstated the facts; therefore, people hesitated to say what ...
+1 vote, asked Dec 09 '11 by jane tran
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What is the problem of this text ? The King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology(KACST) and Intel company, ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by ahmedx19
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The grammar on verbs
My question is, wether or not the verb arrive should end on an "s" when referring to Thomas and Hellen. ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by maria
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Sentence structure
appropriate sentence structure See example: Prior to becoming a tennis coach, I was a middle/high school basketball and football coach.
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by william singleton
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Can anyone suggest how to rewrite this sentence, what I am trying to say here is to demonstrate how government ...
0 votes, asked Dec 09 '11 by Matt Marshall
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how i can rewrite this sentence
However, people who like to be calm and peaceful at home they are annoying from the noise of the sounds. ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Bandar Alyami
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What is the correct way to phrase these statement? See example: Zsófia understood Finnish to some level and her brother ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Lauwo
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how would you change it into a correct form? See example: Beyond observing it as a current cultural trend, the ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Krzysztof Kielkiewicz (advisor)
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I would like to know if what I this sentence is clear.
I want to make people understand that learners with dissabilities are victors. They have to overcome more difficulties than any ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by elizabeth merkling
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How should this be written? See example: As the fox population increases fox sightings have also been significantly more highly ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Jamie
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How should this sentence be written See example: Due to the lack of hunting and trapping activity that was more ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Jamie
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with my mistakes word or sentence
i need a correct sentence See example: This is what Jula
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Roman abdella
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Unable to find gammarly
I downloaded gammerly and cannot find it on my word toolbar
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Jim Glass
4 answers
acceptable and unacceptable sentence,What its deviant features?
1. ( Wait, wait) I will explain you everythink. 2.(You were wrong) You must not have behaved so stupidly. 3.I ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by ankita
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Is this correct? Grammarly considers encourager a spelling error. See example: Ms. Kassas is a natural teacher, a motivator and ...
0 votes, asked Dec 08 '11 by Jean Simon
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