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Grammer... please help me with this sentence
Which sentence is gramatically written better? You write well you should represent the company. or, You write well. You should ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Pamela Trushinsky
1 answer
Using a comma after 'hello' or 'hi' before a name sounds unnatural to me.
Everytime I let Grammarly suggest corrections to an email it suggests adding a comma after 'hello' or 'hi.' For example, ...
comma formality hello hi 0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Arena
1 answer
Is this correct grammar
If someone else needs to attend the meeting.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Joyce Ross
2 answers
Plural of Plethora
Does the word 'plethora' have a plural form? For example: 'There are a variety of separate and distinct plethoras out ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Mike Bael
2 answers
Which of the following sentences are correct?
1) May your life continue to be like a fragrance to Jesus . 2) May your life continues to be ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by mcclarem
1 answer
Make sentence active
A separate bill from AT&T; will be sent to customers who continue to lease equipment.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Lisa Anderson
1 answer
when I should use (s) or (z) at the end of age/numbers?
e.g. 90s dance hits , mid-20s , 95z (?) I'm not sure if 95z is correct, I've seen on the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Lia
2 answers
Use of hyphen
Widely-used or widely used?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Nancy
2 answers
i want you to give me a correct and a suitable answer.
hello there, I want to know is this sentence correct or wrong according to grammer and logic (I buy a ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Ehsan oria
1 answer
active and passive voice
identify the active and passive sentences in the following sentences .change the voice of th active into passive and passive ...
+2 votes, asked Feb 03 by Radwan Uddin
2 answers
grammatically sentence is right or not
i want to ask you " did you do something is grammatically right or not.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by sneha sharma
1 answer
Is the grammer correct or not
Who has your holiday cottage been designed by?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Ortencia
2 answers
use of apostrophe with "respective"
Which is correct? "Day one of the conference included keynote addresses by Tom Smith of Neptune Co. and Fred Jones ...
apostrophe possessive plural +1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Wilson Grabill
1 answer
Essential questions for ideas that matter now
Why is it important to have an imformed opinion about national and international affairs?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Tiana
1 answer
English 2 nd
it is time to consume riverine wealth.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by mim
1 answer
How to configure a Telnet login device?
If you use Telnet login equipment, the equipment must be equipped with IP addresses, VTY user authentication method, VTY user ...
0 votes, asked Feb 03 by zhangman
1 answer
Whether the word "audience" is an "it" or a "they"
Is the pronoun for "audience" "it" or "they"?
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Karen
1 answer
Australian version
How do I change Grammerly to Australian English? It is set as US.
0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Kaylee
1 answer
Correct this sentence. Nick's and Kelly's home is located in Pacific Heights.
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Ina
1 answer
Are the following sentences in subjunctive mood? I requested that she approve my submission. My teacher requested that I arrive ...
subjunctive verb +1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Amy
1 answer
Can often or just often
The most appropriate modifier usage that suggests a general ability to accomplish a task is in which of the following ...
can often modifiers +1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Mauro Bellotto
2 answers
The Past Conditional Mood and the Perfect Infinitive
Could anyone please tell me if the sentence "It would have been better for him not to have been told ...
pastconditionalmood Infinitive 0 votes, asked Feb 03 by Rene
1 answer
the meaning of the modal verb "May".
Hi, I have a question and to be frank, I've been struggling with it for about six months. What is ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 03 by Rene
2 answers
push against or towards something?
If it is physical, for example, ''I'm pushing my hands towards the floor'' (I mean that I'm doing a force ...
Word Usage Differences +1 vote, asked Feb 02 by Lia
3 answers
They have a cold or They have colds?
Should we pluralize the disease because of the pronoun?What about rash?
+1 vote, asked Feb 02 by gggggggg
1 answer
Magna Cum Laude
Should this be written with capital letters or entirely in lower case text?
0 votes, asked Feb 02 by Richard Shea
2 answers
When to hyphen noun phrases
Hello, everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and reply. I'm writing my résumé in ...
hyphen hyphenation noun Phrase english +1 vote, asked Feb 02 by Cynthiay Penovi
2 answers
Revise a sentence
Revise the this sentence: • Assisted the End User, step by step, in the proper procedure for the requested action.
0 votes, asked Feb 02 by Veronica Peavy
1 answer
When two entities possess one thing
"Johnny and Claire's dog" or Johnny's and Claire's dog"? Does it matter if the two owners are a couple, meaning ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 02 by Michelle
1 answer
the only person who/that......
I know "the only person who......" is more common, but why? eg. It's the only chair that we have. He ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 02 by 宇汎 鄭
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