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using correct punctuation
what is the correct punctuation for this sentence "Last week, i saw a friend cheating on a math exam: much ...
0 votes, asked Sep 12 by Robin
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Rewrite the following sentences as required
Our manager never comes to the office early. Never.....................................
0 votes, asked Sep 12 by Zahi Hazer
1 answer
Lets start with "Operating Instructions."
Is therer any such thing as instructions for Grammarly? If I start from scratch, it seems to work just fine ...
when 0 votes, edited Sep 12 by Richard Carr
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Is "that when" OK?
Thank you for Biblical truths that when applied to my life will help me in my day-to-day living for Christ.
0 votes, asked Sep 12 by Susan
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Use incalescence in a sentence?
Could you help me out by telling me if this sentence is worded right? "She hands you a piece and ...
english Word-choice homework help Sentence 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Lucy
1 answer
Urn field vs. urnfield?
Hi, I am wonderinf what word to used urnfield or urn field. I am not writting about the Bronze age ...
-1 votes, asked Sep 11 by JC
2 answers
Simple Sentence Help 'its' versus 'ours'
Is this a proper statement? " is pleased to submit our Qualifications for....." Should the word 'its' be used ...
Sentence Word use 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Sierra
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writing pattern
Will it be okay to write in an email "I missed this email to copy you"? if not, please correct ...
0 votes, asked Sep 11 by vijinthan
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Should I use "when" or "if?"
If a sin is committed, it doesn’t just happen – it begins with a thought.
0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Susan
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what is the right answer
A world-renowned scientist said in an interview, "We'll continue our intensive research until we _______ a cure for the disease." ...
0 votes, asked Sep 11 by rawan
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Excessive commas? I also cannot tell if my intro lead is in the present tense, despite being active
A 45 year old Queens Park man is in a critical condition after crashing his Holden utility through the Welshpool ...
grammar commas tenses journalism punctuation 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Kelly Bailey
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The Words "Eagerly ,also, and ever "can all be adverbs.
adverbs 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Diana Guerrero
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Identifying main verb
In the sentence, "I tried to think of what to say" what is the main verb? (If I had to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 10 by Trish
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is this correct grammar usage?
"You are not going to like me very well."
0 votes, asked Sep 10 by Deanna
3 answers
Except vs except in
Which sentence is correct ?A, She attends her class reunion every year except the year she was hospitalized.B, She attends ...
0 votes, asked Sep 10 by Sin
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correct position of the apostrophe
Hi, in the following sentence, where (if any) should the apostrophe be placed? ‘so we can move forward with other ...
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by Glenn Egan
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Where to put words
Could it be, perhaps, that I have the blues from it not raining?
+1 vote, asked Sep 09 by Li
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Can you say "light travels fast", or should you say "light travels quickly"?
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by Jennifer Locke
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use of article
obtain a residence certificate/ or obtain residence cetificate which is correct?
-1 votes, asked Sep 09 by D V G A SOMAYAJULU
0 answers
" i love it here". " I hate it there ". What does "it" stand for ? Why Is it ...
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by Max Nyoung
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Finding out the main subject of the sentence
Hello everyone. I am currently having a bit of trouble over this simple sentence below: The meaning of (insert any ...
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by ofayto
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About relative pronoun with preposition
Hello, I'm just wondering which sentence below is better for Englsih native speaker. 1) These are the dogs which she ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 09 by Mizuki Ono
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the difference between these two sentences
What is the difference between these two sentences?He gave John a book.He gave a book to John.
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by reyhaneh
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"I went to Singapore last week, I plan/planned it all" Which word should I say? (Bold text) Important points (Italic ...
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by Muhd Izzat Abd Rahim
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writing a sentence with the correct punctuation
Hamsters are my favorite pets
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by Tiffany Hodges
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possessive nouns
I need to combine the sentence using possessive nouns and to rewrite the sentence... the sentence is -- The classroom ...
0 votes, asked Sep 09 by yesika c.
2 answers
How did 'bored with' turn into 'bored of?'
I have noticed a couple of instances where phrases have changed in common usage and I wonder how they originated. ...
0 votes, asked Sep 08 by Christine Fisher
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a bird have light bodies and strong wings
0 votes, asked Sep 08 by Tania collie
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Put quaint in a sentence
0 votes, asked Sep 08 by mennah emam
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Use of similar or alike.
Fill in the blank by perfect word: Some people are more________ than others. (alike, similar)
0 votes, asked Sep 08 by anayat Bukhari
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