2 answers
I need to know if has is correct in this sentence. Also have.
John is able to spell some key words correctly. He has made notes of incorrectly spelt words and have ageeed ...
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by Kandy Carpenter
2 answers
I have a question
I have a question about whether I have to add the word do in this sentence: He speaks English more ...
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by ducdang123
2 answers
Would rather you go to the store or went to the store
I have a remained question about those structures. Do they have an exactly same meaning? When do you use ''would ...
+1 vote, edited Jun 25 '13 by ducdang123
1 answer
Would rather someone past perfect
I have a question about how to use would rather +somone +past perfect. For an example, I would rather you ...
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by ducdang123
2 answers
have or had and do or did?
1 Where have/had you been? 2 I have/had already washed my hands. 3 Didn't/Don't we supposed to use the blue ...
have had do did 0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by nero ray
1 answer
The decision has already been taken, the argument is useless. Turn into simple.
-2 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by Sourabh 3d
1 answer
incorrect sentences
can you fix it? See example: I find out to be emancipation and now I can attend so simple and ...
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by Huseyin
1 answer
fill in the blanks
1)many factors enter............. the contract
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by amrita
3 answers
Plethora - singular or plural verb
I would like to know which of these two looks more appropriate- " A plethora of projects have been undertaken ...
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by Rajitha
1 answer
"Where is my umbrella?" She asked.
Where is my umbrella?" She asked
0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by Souvatthana
2 answers
Use of Simple Past Verb in Sentences Involving Past Perfect and Present Perfect
IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE TWO STATEMENTS? 1) “I knew John had been influencing Peter, so I ...
verb tenses past perfect present +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by Heather
1 answer
Usage of "nothing, but"
The following bothers me: "the radio played nothing, but static" As I read that, the first part makes sense, then ...
comma +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by SeaBiscuit
2 answers
Confusing Modifiers
How can I make this sentence clear? the Grammarly doesnt really give me a clear explanation on what to do. ...
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Marisol Mora
0 answers
1.The train runs late. Turn into complex should respect your betters. Use better as verb
-2 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Sourabh 3d
1 answer
Mr. Hackethorn conducted himself wth the confidence and maturity of a veteran
Grammarly does not like the use of the article "the" in front of the word confidence. It sounds awkward to ...
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Mercathea Hughes
0 answers
downloading paper
How come I can download a paper that shows me where my errors, but will not let me correct the ...
-1 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Robert Harmon
2 answers
What is wrong with the following question? I need to visit my friend, to wash my bike, and buy six ...
punctuation semi-colon comma Semicolon +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by jasvir singh
1 answer
Who did not taste bitter of Learning an hour, sipping humiliate of ignorance whole life…
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Ahmed Taha
1 answer
editorial letter
Can I start an editorial letter with the following line: 'I would be highly obliged if you can spare some ...
0 votes, edited Jun 24 '13 by Scarlet Darwin
2 answers
What does "O"stand for in 'o'clock'? Is it a short form of the preposition 'of'? What is the origin of ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by Rahul Gupta
1 answer
Pls correct my sentences.
My aunty's wedding was just awesome, we all enjoyed a lot in Lahore. Unlce is also saying Hi to you. ...
+1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by Afshan Basheer Aly
0 answers
Hello, I just signed up for a trial and want to check a paper for plagiarism. What is the best ...
-1 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Razvan Alexandru
2 answers
Please, Help! Thanks for the letter, sent on your intentions to expand your business, into other countries. See example: Thanks ...
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Valeri
1 answer
please help me, whether my sentences is correct or not ?
Dear all, For your information, we have reviewed all the SOPs . We would appreciate if you could re-check and ...
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by azuin
1 answer
can i know the main clause and subordinate clause in this sentence ?
He has an exalted sense of his importance to the project
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by tanko
3 answers
Passive sentences / Active sentence.
How do you turn a passive sentences into an active sentence.
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by angel wiley
1 answer
use of on or for
she is to be commended for She is to be commended on
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by K Haire
1 answer
Creative writing
how is this wrong?? See example: Anguish is all I give, to punish the people that do wrong.
0 votes, asked Jun 24 '13 by Pranav Patel
0 answers
sentence structures
Here is a question which is bothering me nowadays. 1) I have 10 minutes left. Here in this sentence, "left" ...
0 votes, edited Jun 23 '13 by Hans
1 answer
correcting could in a sentence
The family has been educated concerning the patient's condition. They need to make a decision based on this education. How ...
0 votes, asked Jun 23 '13 by Mika Parker
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