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A sentence from architectural book.
Hey All, This sentence is so confusing to me. " Yet the very mechanics whom Ware credited with creating sound ...
Architecture grammar ESL Sentence english 0 votes, asked 17 hours ago by luke
1 answer
Identify the subject in the following sentences.
1) "That dog cut its leg." - Would the subject be "that dog" or just "dog"? 2) "My mom is ...
0 votes, asked 19 hours ago by Courtney
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commas, punctuation, etc
I am at this moment a yellow belt on my way to get the orange belt. I would like and ...
0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by Lexa
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How can I make the following sentence parallel? "Leann's boyfriend and I had both been put into bad situations that ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Sam
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independent clausse
Is the following a complete sentence: " She bought some."
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by janet
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Name and explain the types of refugees
-2 votes, asked 1 day ago by solomon
1 answer
There is a web application called PeopleSoft, where the user logs in and performes certain actions inside the tool like ...
preposition 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Natalia
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We vs Us
I have a sentence: A flexible benefits plan was offered to (we,us) employees. I thought it would be us, but ...
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Hannah
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would you hyphenate "a couple thousand" dollars?
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by sheri
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part of speech
1. Still waters run deep 2. He still lives in that house
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Tandin Dorji
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Movie titles
Does a movie title get underlined, or put in quotation marks when hand writing an essay?
Mechanics 0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Sullyteach
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How to Format Question and Answer to the question in same sentence; Puncuation
I need to know how I would go about typing this. So when I’m asked the question: “What do you ...
punctuation format 0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Johnathan Nguyen
1 answer
We've a system and we'll work with it.
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Jacob Leonard
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See 2nd sentence. Does "retreat into the ordinary" make sense to the reader?
Love, money, and success can provide happiness, temporarily. All too often, our wordly pursuits fall short of our expectations and ...
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by Susan
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find the error in the sentence
He did not notice nothing as he walked down the corridor
0 votes, asked Sep 19 by shereen malcolm
3 answers
indirect or direct object
In this sentence, I emailed a travel agency for information about flights to Nepal. Is "a travel agency" the indirect ...
object indirect direct PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Yofes
1 answer
Proper use of commas
A client sent me the following copy to be used in a brochure: "All sponsorships are exclusive, unless otherwise stated ...
proper use of commas 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Jake
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wrong word
The panel discussed the ethical implications on the situation.
0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Alicia
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Who or Whom?
Could anyone help me with this sentence? I'm not sure if I should use 'who' or 'whom' and the reason ...
who whom grammar Sentence 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Sierra
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rate my intro and conclusion
in the 1800s New zealand and Britain were two different countries. life in Britain was tough diseases were rife,there was ...
0 votes, asked Sep 18 by kamini lata Chand
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Burp, Belch and Hiccup
What are the differences between the words "Burp", "Belch" and "Hiccup"?
burp belch hiccup -1 votes, asked Sep 18 by Frankie So
1 answer
Word choice
Can I use "hassel-free" in a serious formal business writing? What may be the substitue for this word, as this ...
Word choice 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Natalia
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which one is correct
i was changed 10 years back or 10 years ago i have been changed
0 votes, asked Sep 18 by ales
0 answers
Problem with word love
When love owns something is it loves, love's, loves' or love's'? Demise/product of love - loves, love's, love's or love's' ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by mirko
1 answer
Could you please review the below contents if are grammatically OK? I know there are no employees here, but need ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Natalia
2 answers
passive re-write
re-write has anybody answered your question
-1 votes, asked Sep 18 by sasha
1 answer
0 votes, asked Sep 17 by BARBARA CRONIE
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Using "and" twice in a list
Is this correct? "Check the weather, send and receive messages, find your soulmate, and learn to fly all on one ...
list and 0 votes, asked Sep 17 by grandpa joe
1 answer
check whisch is correct
What is the right grammar? stressing day or stressful day??
0 votes, asked Sep 17 by harry jane ripdos
0 answers
Do the following sentences make sense? "Probability plays a role in our everyday activities and understanding how it works can ...
0 votes, asked Sep 17 by Mo Salim
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