0 answers
A or An?
I want to be a NFL player. ORI want to be an NFL player. I know NFL begins with the ...
0 votes, asked 3 hours ago by Kim
1 answer
Come On with Comma
"Come on, let's party!" Since "come on" can be a complete sentence on its own, should I replace that comma ...
comma 0 votes, asked 19 hours ago by Al Guien
2 answers
A friend of mine told me that "what made you here"? is correct. I didn't get the meaning of this ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Sanjay
1 answer
fill in blanks
the midnight continued......midnight.
0 votes, asked Jan 23 by shubh mahajan
1 answer
complete your work in/on/at the right time?
0 votes, asked Jan 23 by ram
1 answer
Do I capitalize the 'T' in 'This' and the 'w' in weekend when typing 'This Weekend'?
0 votes, asked Jan 23 by danielroth
0 answers
Styles of Writing
Can I choose a different style of writing? i.e. creative, essay, etc.
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Robert Greene
0 answers
Sentence Classification by Structure
How would one classify a sentence containing dialogue and an attribution? Here's an example: She said, "I can't attend the ...
sentences Structure classification 0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Scott
1 answer
Countable and uncountable nouns
Is this a correct sentence. I am asking spesifically about the word newspaper. Should it be newspapers with the s ...
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Amal Duaybis
1 answer
you are the sweetest creature ever existed
What is the right grammar?
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Roselyne Cua
1 answer
matter or matters
Which of the following questions is gramatically correct: How does it matter you? / How does it matters you? Why?
singular plural question 0 votes, asked Jan 22 by hajera
1 answer
Went to vs. Went
Our Arabic kids say "We went to home." How do I explain when we say "went to" vs "went"?
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Laurie Swiryn
1 answer
attend the interview
can i attend the interview on tuesday
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by suganthi
1 answer
have you not been eaten meal yet
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Noor Zahra
1 answer
i am learning the construction "not only but also"
i came across a sentence " not only the jail officers but also the government were worried" it sounds me ...
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by vasant surve
1 answer
advise not to or advise to not
I came across the expression: We advise you to not enter the parket in a severe weather condition. Shouldn't it ...
0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Yena Ahn
0 answers
what is a preposition, and how do you find it?
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by yasamine
1 answer
Prepositional phrases
Which of the following is correct? She incorporated into her garden her own work, as well as items she found ...
PrepositionalPhrases Preoposition 0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Janice
0 answers
status of payment disbursement
in the sentence, "please advise as to the status of payment disbursement," is "status of payment disbursement," correct grammar ?
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Eddie Flores
2 answers
Which is correct?
When a city council is making a decision that they will not be referring to the voters for approval, is ...
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Jeannie Darneille
1 answer
chang to voice
the peon ring the bell
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Ali
1 answer
Amidst, amid, between, among
I was about to use "between serenity and turmoil", meaning someone who is facing both conditions, but now I am ...
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by paul p.
0 answers
to know the meaning
Meaning of "as if he loves you".
sara 0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Suhail Mullaji
1 answer
Possessive question
Can you tell me if this heading/job title/name of department is correct? It is, Industrial Cooperation and Organisation Management. It ...
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Nuala Casey
0 answers
how to make appointment
you want appointment i will check with the doctors after that i will fixit
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Balu kapil
1 answer
Possessives and articles
Which one is correct? 1.Mr. X,the director of the company,.... 2.Mr. X,director of the company,....
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Sina Jokar
1 answer
Spoken and Written English
Are you going to the park this evening? What will be the answer A)Yes, I will B)Yes, I am C)Yes, ...
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Vaibhav
0 answers
hope / hoping conditional
Could you tell me what the answer is on this and why. We are hoping that the debris remaining from ...
0 votes, asked Jan 21 by John Chang
0 answers
Which of the words are prepositions? What's the simplest way to identify prepositions?
In silent films, the actors did not speak but short written summaries of what was happening appeared on the screen ...
Prepositions identify partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Jan 21 by Sharleen Hanson
1 answer
Proper emphasis of a preposition in spoken American English
When emphasizing words within a sentence containing a preposition, I was taught that usually the subject of the sentence would ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jan 20 by Bob Shaffer
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