what is the difference between the usage of infinitive verb and grund to express likes and dislikes

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Your question has gone unanswered for almost 24 hours because it is such a difficult one to answer clearly.  The verbs like, love, dislike, hate can be followed by gerund or infinitive.  Most people would tell you that there is no difference in meaning, but some would say that there can be a slight difference in meaning.


I have never been able to clearly explain the nuanced differences, and for a basic explanation for lower-level EFL learners I usually say that the meaning is the same with gerund or infinitive.  But tonight I found an interesting blog post by an ELT teacher on the topic - read the section entitled 'Language Analysis - a) Expressing likes and dislikes: gerund and infinitive constructions' here - http://valentinamorgana.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/teaching-younger-teenage-learners-to-express-likes-and-wants/#more-62


What do you think?  I am still thinking about what is written there, and I am not sure if I completely agree yet or not.  But it is the most detailed explanation of the nuanced differences I have found to date.  

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