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How can we say the following sentence using a reflexive?She brings the book with her.

asked Nov 21 '12 at 16:01 Golafshaan New member

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The simplest way would be to write:

She brings the book herself.


Never use a reflexive pronoun by itself.

He gave the book to myself. 'Myself' has no antecedent, which makes this improper usage. I bring this up because it is a mistake that is commonly made.

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She brings the book with her does not have the exact same nuance as She brings the book herself.


First of all, your sentence in the Simple Present (brings) is strange.  Of course, the Simple Present describes a routine action, and bringing a specific book (the book)  routinely is unusual, isn't it?  Not impossible, but not usual, I don't think...


The preposition phrase with her would not usually be necessary, as the idea of 'with-ness' is already contained in the verb bring.  It is certainly common to say it that way -  'Come to my party tomorrow, and bring your husband with you' - but the preposition phrase doesn't really add any extra meaning.


The reflexive pronoun herself adds an extra emphasis:  no one else brings the book, no one helps her bring the book.  She brings it herself.

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Many thanks for the answer.Two other questions.1-Which sentence is commonly used by native speakers?2-How can we discuss the reflexive form according to A_position in GB? Best regards

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