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Hi. I work with customers, and they'll often point to objects on or behind the counter and say, "Can I have two of them?"

I think they really should be saying, "Can I have two of those/these?"

I guess I'm thinking of the sentence being, "Can I have two of those items?", in which case saying, "Can I have two of them items?" is completely wrong.

Is there a difference if the word "items" isn't present? Is saying "them" still incorrect?


asked Nov 14 '12 at 04:51 Dave New member

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It is correct to say "Can I have two of them?"

It is also correct to say: "Can I have two of those items?" and "Can I have two of these/those?"


Actually pronoun 'they' is also plural of 'it'.


While 'This/That/These/Those' are demonstrative pronouns.

link comment answered Nov 14 '12 at 05:24 Rahul Gupta Expert

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