Find and correct the mistake (Conditional if)


If it is fine today , I'd go out. (correct the mistake)

If it is fine today , I'll go out. (=I haven't known yet whether it is fine or not.)
If it was fine today , I'd go out. (=I have known it is not fine today , so I won't  go out.)

Are both answers correct despite having different meanings?

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I will eliminate the contractions for clarity.


If it is fine today, I will go out. This is correct.


If it was fine today, I would go out. This is incorrect. Since you know that it is not fine, the subjuctive mood would be used in the first dependent clause (although this may be debatable). The independent clause should have the past perfect tense.


If it were fine today, I would have gone out.

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Water will turn into ice if temperature drops below

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