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Studying abroad is a trend in some countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

The intro.:

   In some countries, many people think that the best education lies in studying abroad. However, some people disagree and prefer studying in their own countries, so is studying abroad a vice or a bless? Just as anything else, studying abroad has its advantages and disadvantages.

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This is a little better, User22.  The first sentence gives an indication of an advantage – a better education.  Why do some people disagree?  Are the advantages and disadvantages dependant on what country the person lives in, what course of study they want to pursue, or on other characteristics?  How are you going to present the advantages and disadvantages in the body of your essay?  I think there is more content that you cou;ld sum up here. 


The second sentence is awkward.  You switch from a statement to a question.  The final word in that sentence should be blessing.  Some may look at the opportunity to study abroad as a blessing, but vice would not be the opposite of that.  A vice is an immoral or sinful habit. 

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