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Studying abroad is a trend in some countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.


My Intro.: To many people, studying abroad is a controversial topic because some people favor studying abroad and some people don’t. Anyway, anything has its advantages and disadvantages and that’s the case with studying abroad.

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It's a rather poor introduction.  Why is it controversial?  Differing opinions doesn't mean controversy.  I don't like tomatoes, but my friend Ron loves them.  That's not controversy.  The use of the word anyway is inappropriate for a paper.  Save that for chatting with your friends.  An introduction should give an overview of what you are going to talk about.  You haven't offered any information that one couldn't infer from a title for the paper.  Try writing the guts of the paper, or at least have a solid outline, before you write the introduction. 

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Children frequently stressed with homework and extra curricular activities turn to their parents for help. However, ‘help’ may result to your parents doing all the schoolwork. In the article, “ Should Parents Help With Homework?” Scholastic Scope states, “ Homework can be stressful. But help from Mom and Dad might be the wrong answer.” Parents should not help their children with homework because a teacher needs to know where every child stands academically, students will score worse on standardized tests according to a study by two university professors, and 

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There are five times more homeless animals than people in the United States today. Adopting an animal such as a dog is beneficial to both the person adopting and the pet. When someine takes in one of these awesome companions they not only save their life, but also open the doors for another animal who might need the space.

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