Effective way to check grammar and APA citation and formating


How to effectively use grammar check for checking grammar and APA citation and formatting

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The Grammarly service checks grammar but does not check your formating and citation style.


First, your formatting -- line spacings, margins, etc. -- are lost when you paste the text into Grammarly.


Second, the APA style is just one of several different styles in common use. Other popular academic styles are Chicago, Turabin, MLA, ACS, ASA, and AMA. While some elements are the same in each style, other elements -- especially the citation style -- are different. I imagine the software designers decided to not check for any style rather than try to check for all styles.


You may wish to check out www.citationmachine.net. This free site does not check your existing citations. Instead, it will help you generate the proper citation in a number of styles. Also, many university libraries have citation generators that are linked to the campus library catelog. Typically, these generators are available only inside the university's firewall.

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My advice would be to address these issues separately. Concentrate first on the content and grammar, and later on the APA citation style and formatting requirements – the two areas do not really interact with each other.


APA style in terms of word usage, punctuation, and structure, etc. is another matter, however. You will need to be aware of these aspects as you are writing your paper.

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