help bossy verbs-getting dressed instructions-asap help needed


Need help with writing instructions for getting dressed using bossy verbs in it or at the start of a sentence.

My son is speech delayed.

He gets dressed in this order









then a conclusion using one sentence to let the reader know what to do next?

i am stuck at the moment and it needs to be in for monday!!



asked Sep 22 '12 at 13:39 Victoria New member

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Victoria, I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for.  We don't tend to do homework for people, but can help point you in the right direction.  Bossy is more often conveyed in one's tone of voice.  I think that you are looking to write commands.  These usually start with a verb.  "Get in the car" is a command.  "Will you please first open the drawer" is a request. 


Fortunately, there is a lot of time between now and Monday for you to get unstuck with this assignment.  Look at some owner's manuals that you have at home, or search for some online - many companies post them for all of their products.  That will help you to see how instructions are written.  (Some that have been translated from other languages are poorly translated, so try to find some that some from the US or UK.) 


Then give your assignment a try and feel free to post it.  Several of us that participate here do poke our heads in over the weekend.  We can let you know if you are on track.

link comment answered Sep 22 '12 at 15:12 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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