Creative director is a defined term in advertising.


Grammarly is unhappy and asks for a comma after the adjective creative. It fails to recognize that 'creative directory' is a defined term.

How can I avoid such responses?

Many thanks.

See example:

Under the new creative director James Mollison, Benetton began using more traditional product-based advertising.
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You can't. Grammarly is software. As such, it does not understand what it is reading. It is simply looking for patterns.


In this case, it sees a pattern that might be a coordinate adjective, so it asks you to review your punctuation. Notice that Grammarly does not say a comma is required. It says it might be needed.


Here is how one reference describes the rule for coordinate adjectives: In general, when a noun is preceded by two or more adjectives that could, without affecting the meaning, be joined by and, the adjectives are normally separated by commas. In your sentence, the two adjectives cannot be joined by a comma and thus no comma is required. Unable to understand the meaning of your sentence, the software errs on the side of caution and asks you to double check.


Until computers have true intelligence, you are going to be faced with this sort of problem.

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