"We have us a great idea."


"We have us a great idea."


I heard the sentence in a movie, and although it is informal,  it is used nowadays. And "us" is in place of "ourselves". Is this true? Thank you for your help and time as usual.

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Conversational speech is very often not grammatically correct.  It drives some of us crazy, but it is reality.  Personally, I don't tie that to intelligence, but to a matter of education and culture. 

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That's why it is not easy for non native English speakers like me to learn it. But thanks to great people here, I can feel relieved.

HansSep 19 '12 at 05:05

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If you heard it in a movie, the character was probably being snidely humorous... or uninteligent. The proper sentence is simply: "We have a great idea."

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