Is it correct


I don't like people I most trusted disappoints me

asked Sep 19 '12 at 01:15 Daniel Sunday New member

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Either way still seems a bit odd. "Disappointed" is a feeling of dislike.  Almost like saying, "I am disappointed when people I trust disappoint me." I don't know.


If this were a narrative, "Jim disappointed Sue" is much clearer than "Sue didn't like it when Jim disappointed her."

link comment answered Sep 19 '12 at 03:17 mysticete Contributor

I was thinking along the same lines as Mysticete.  Disappoint and don't like together in one sentence is redundant.  The sentence seems to want more information on what it is that these people do that is so dissapointing.


I am disappointed when the people I most trust tell lies. 

link comment answered Sep 19 '12 at 04:43 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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