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because he slice and packaged the world-famous Parma outside the Italian

See example:

For example, The European Court of Justice has judged that a UK food retailer named Asda is illegal ,because he slice and packaged the world-famous Parma outside the Italian.
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I had to look this up on the internet to figure out what you are trying to say here, Wang.  One thing I enjoy about spending time on this forum is learning new things.  Here’s what I learned about this.  Asda (or ASDA) is a supermarket chain in the UK that is owned by Wal-Mart.  Parma ham comes from Italy.  Italian law states that in order for the name Parma to be used, the ham must be sliced and packaged under the supervision of the Italian Parma ham trade consortium in the region of production.  This consortium sued Asda because they were slicing and packaging it in the UK.  The European Court of Justice agreed with the consortium and ruled against Asda.  Knowing all of that helps me to correct your sentence. 


We usually don’t capitalize the word the before a proper noun.  You can call Asda a food retailer, but I would be inclined to state more specifically what sort of food retailer – a supermarket chain. 


The court did not rule that the store is illegal, just that one of its actions was.  An appropriate way to word this is that the court ruled against the company.


A company is not a he or she, but an it.  I have seen this error frequently.  People say they did this or their policy is that.  But a company is always an it it did this or its policy on that. 


Be careful that your verb tenses agree.  Slice should be sliced, though that may have been a typo since all of your other verbs are in the past tense. 


Parma is the name of a place.  The company didn’t slice up the place, but some ham.  Add the word ham to the sentence so the reader knows what you are talking about. 


Oustide the Italian is not correct.  It should be outside of Italy.  Depending on the purpose of the writing and the reader’s knowledge, it might be necessary to be more accurate.  The Italian law is more specific – it is to be within the region, not just within the country. 


For example, the European Court of Justice ruled against the UK supermarket chain Asda for slicing and packaging the world-famous Parma ham outside of Italy. (Or, outside of the Italian region of production.) 

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Living as I do 15 miles from Napa (in a city four times larger that is not considered part of the Wine County), we constantly hear about this issue. In America, wines have been traditionally named for the type of grape. But the grape name is taken from the French region where the root stock originated 120 years ago. So far, common interest and the fact that there is a degree of cross-ownership between France and Napa-Sonoma has kept economic warfare from breaking out over wine names. Nonetheless, the Napa-Sonoma producers have been using "new" names and/or focusing on the California appellation names to distinguish Californian from French wines.

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