please grammetically correct the below sentences


Dear Mr.Mani, As discussed regarding the mail came from Aditya Birla referring  their one purchase order as mentioned in the mail. As you confirmed it will be a spare order, same is forwarding to you for your necessary action. Thanks & Warm Regards, Uday  

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Uday, it seems that you had a discussion (perhaps on the phone) with Mr. Mani regarding an order and you are confirming some details.  There is a purchase order from Aditya Birla.  You received the purchase order in the mail. When you talked to Mr. Mani, he confirmed that this would be a “spare order”.  You are forwarding the order to Mr. Mani. 


All of this is a bit confusing and I have to make some assumptions.  By “spare order” I believe that you mean spare part.  I will also assume that Mr. Mani’s company is going to make the spare part.  Your letter is the method that you are placing the order, in lieu or a purchase order from your company. 


Using both regarding and referring in the same sentence is redundant.  So is as discussed and as mentioned.


It isn’t important to state (twice) that you received the purchase order in the mail.  I would delete that.


A company is an it, not a they.  The purchase order came from a company – its purchase order.  If you refer to the person who sent it, John Doe, then it would be his purchase order


Thanks and warm regards is a bit much here in the US.  One or the other will suffice.  Both are informal, though.  For business communication, we usually use “Regards” by itself or “Best Regards” rather than “Warm Regards.”


Dear Mr. Mani,
I am confirming our order on behalf of Aditya Birla for the spare part as we discussed on the phone.  A copy of the purchase order is attached.  Please proceed with this order.


I hope I didn't change your meaning.  

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As you requested please find enclosed the purchase order for VSP.

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