hors d'oeuvres shows as an error but checking with the dictionary shows that it is spelt correctly.

See example:

Here, are some things that you can bring along for your party: A few hors d'oeuvres like chicken wings, chips, cheese platter, try to stay away from dairy products because they can easily curdle, and of course you need something to drink, so don't forget your bottle water.
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My guess is that the software’s dictionary does not have hors d’oeuvres in it.  Though it is a French term, it has been adopted by the English language & should be in the dictionary of most software.  You can contact support@grammarly.com to report this error.


In addition to that, there are a lot of problems with your sentence.


You don’t need a comma after the first word.


The words after a colon are still part of the same sentence, so there is no capitalization of the following word unless it happens to be a proper noun.


The beginning of the sentence tells us that you are about to list some things you can bring along.  If those items listed are lengthy or include commas, then each item should be separated by a semi-colon so that the reader can see you have moved on to the next item.


The first item gives us the actual list of possible hors d’oeuvres.  Does the person have to bring an hors d’oeuvre or may they bring a salad or dessert?  Note the difference between can and may.


The second item in your list is not something that you can bring along.  Instead, you have offered advice on ingredients that should not be used when making something to bring along.  This advice to avoid dairy products also contradicts the suggestion of a cheese platter.  


The last item should be bottled water (not bottle), but you have also included information on why you should bring it.  It also implies that you should, not that you may if you want to. 

You have tried to put three distinct thoughts together as one.  I suggest breaking it up into three sentences.


Suggested dishes that you may bring to the party include: an hors d’oeuvre such as chicken wings, chips, or a cheese platter; macaroni or potato salad; or a dessert. Note that the food will be sitting in the hot sun and dishes that must remain very cold will not fare well.     Drinks will not be provided, so please remember your bottled water.

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