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Is it correct to say for example: There was a throng in the mall 

Or do we have to say: There was a throng pf people in the mall

And how can I say that I want to a place early to avoid the throng of people ?

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First, I would probably say at the mall rather than in the mall.  If there is a throng, people are likely going to be outside and around the mall as well as inside At seems to fit better with a throng.


You can say throng or throng of people.  One of the definitions of throng is a gathering or crowd of people, so using people is actually redundant if is obvious you are talking about people rather than something else.  However, even though we can assume you mean people are at the mall, in the US throng is a word not often used alone.  Most of us would say throng of people, even though it is redundant. 


As for your last question, why don't you just say it that way?


I went to the mall early to avoid the throng of people usually there by noon. 

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