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 "The economic troubles are widening the gap between illegal immigrants and Americans as they navigate the job market. Many Americans who lost jobs are turning for help to the government’s unemployment safety net, with job assistance and unemployment insurance. But immigrants without legal status, by law, do not have access to it. Instead, as the recession deepens, illegal immigrants who have settled into American towns are receding from community life." Author Julia Preston describes the economic circumstances of illegal immigrants in the 2009 economic crisis, detailing how immigrants "are clinging to low-wage jobs, often working more hours for less money, and taking whatever work they can find, no matter the conditions."  

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If I rewrite this passage for you, then you would be using my words, not your own.  So I'll try to give you some direction. 


Paraphrasing is putting the ideas into your own words.  The first step is to make sure you thoroughy understand the topic at hand.  It's difficult to put something into your own words if you don't know what you are talking about.  Read other material on the subject if needed, so that you can form your own opinions.  Then you will be able to put it in your own words with support from one or more published authors. 


Try writing down the main points that you want to focus on.  These points can be written simplistically, but in your own words.  Put it aside for awhile.  Come back to it later, perhaps after you write more of your essay, and fill it in with your own words.  Don't look back at the original while doing this.  You will be less likely to plagiarize then.  When you are all done, use the plagiarism checker to make sure you have not inadvertently still copied part of the original. 

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thank you!

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