and i have another question, is there any way you can help me write my essay. is 2pages (500) words essay that addresses a number you believe well educated people should know.

and i choose 3/15 because is my birthday and that was when allan poe was born and died the same date, and also 3/15 is the ide of the year. i dont how to write the introduction because my proff. said i shouldnt give the actual number in he introductory. 2 i should present few cogent and i hv to cite.

See example:

Everyone has some memory of their life that they can't seem to forget about.
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Debora, this forum is for the discussion of grammar and usage.  We can give you some guidance on writing an essay, but cannot "help you write" it. You need to ask a specific questions.  Also, please try to write as correctly as you can.  I is always capitalized.  A word that is a contraction (such as shouldn't) needs an apostrophe.  It seems, from your question and the many errors in it, that you have found yourself ill-prepared to write at the college level.  It may be best for you to request some tutoring at your school. 


Regarding your writing assignment:

The fact that your birthday is on 3/15 may be why you chose that date, but it is not relevant to the topic you are supposed to write about.  The date of Poe's birth and death are good ones.  As far as the ides of March, you need to understand what you are writing about before you start writing.  On the ancient Roman calendar, the ides (not ide) means the 15th of March, May, July, or October.  In the remaining months, it was the 13th.  There is no such thing as the ides of the year. 

link comment answered Jun 06 '12 at 05:33 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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