Normally we write' he is sitting on the chair.' but for wheelchair, we write 'sitting in the wheelchair'. Anyone can help to explain why we use' sitting in the wheelchair'? Can I write sitting on the wheelchair? Thanks.

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The difference between in and on is the confines of the object you are in or on.  A wheelchair or recliner has 3 sides, so one is almost boxed in.  If you sit down onto it from the top, you must go in between the arms.  Likewise, if you slide in from the open side, you must go in between.  A chair without arms only has one side, and you can just sit down on top of it from most directions.  A couch, though it does have arms, is much more wide open.  You can sit on it from various directions or places on the couch.  However, you might sit in the corner of the couch. 

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