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OK, can someone please give me feedback on the following sentences:


1) I personally think the beer and skittles have run out.

2) , where the teacher and their methodology are not assumed to be the only factor.


For 1), I assume it should be "have" due to having both beer AND skittles?

For 2), should it be "is" or "are"? Again, I assume that "are" is correct due to both two things (teacher AND methodology)?

subject verb agreement asked Aug 25 '14 at 22:36 creztor New member

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1) Have is correct.  Two separate items have run out.  Skittles is a proper noun and should be capitalized.  Using the word "personally" makes no sense in this sentence.  There is nothing personal about it.  Use the word with a personal belief or opinion, such as, "I personally believe this is the best beer ever made." 


2) This sentence fragment has a couple problems.  Their is a pronoun referring to something belonging to multiple people, but you only mention one teacher.  Since there is no gender-neutral pronoun, you could say his or her methodology.  That can be awkward.  The wording can be tweaked to avoid the pronoun altogether. As you suspected, are is the correct verb.  The last problem with the sentence is the word factor.  You have listed to factors, so make the word plural.


. . . , where the teacher and the methodology used are not assumed to be the only factors.

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SanjayAug 26 '14 at 16:23

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