Homo sapiens singular form?


Would it be proper to say "You are a Homo sapien." Is the capitalization correct? Do I still need to follow binomial nomenclature? Would it be better if I wrote "You are a part of the species known as Homo sapiens."? Thank you so much.

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The genus is Homo, the species is sapiens - making the binomial nomenclature or scientific name: Homo sapiens.  You have the capitalization right, but you can't change the name of the species by dropping the final letter.  I have seen this shortened to H. sapiens.  I don't know what you mean when you wonder if you still need to follow binomial nomenclature.  What else would you follow?


If you are writing for an academic paper or some other formal writing, you should not use the second person at all.  There are many other ways to express that humans are members of the Homo sapiens species or that modern humans are the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens

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