Is this proper grammar: "to of have made that happen" or "to have had made that happen" ?


Hi I am writing to someone about the fact that I had greatly wanted to make it "down there" to be with them on a particular day but could not.


My sentence so far is: "Please know I did everything in my power to" . . .  and this is the part where I am not sure if I am using proper grammar.


I wanted to write either: Please know I did everything in my power to of had made that happen.




Please know I did everything in my power to have had made that happen.


I am positive this is proper grammar, although many people might not have used this "style" before.


Is this correct grammar?


I can't thank you enough for your time!

tense of have had past asked Jun 17 '14 at 07:07 nothankyou New member

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'To have' is the phrase you want to use. This is an infinitive form of the verb, and 'of' is a preposition and can't be used in this context. Using 'of' rather than 'have' a various phrases is a common error by many English speaking people.

link comment answered Jun 20 '14 at 12:41 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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