comparative and superlative adjectives


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 I'm a little bit confused about when can i use comparative and superlative adjectives?


Example :


1.Alex was happy because his English marks were____the top pupil in his class?


- Should i put the highest or higher than for above question?



asked Jun 13 '14 at 18:14 zY New member

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The comparative is used when two things are being compared.

I am younger than my brother.

If you have two or more brothers, you would use the superlative form.

I am the youngest of my brothers.


Your example is comparing two things: Alex and the top pupil in the class. The sentence should not have a question mark.

Alex was happy because his English marks were higher than the top pupil in his class.


If Alex's grades were the top grades in the class, you would use the superlative.

Alex was happy because his English marks were the highest in the class.

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