capitalizations - of mum, dad, uncle Pete,


I am still confused over capitalisation use.


Example, I said hi to my grandfather, my dad and my Uncle Pete

                  I said hi to my Grandfather, my Dad and my Uncle Pete,

                  I said hi to my grandfather, my dad and my uncle Pete


Which is the correct form and why?

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If you use a possessive pronoun, don't capitalize unless it's the actual name.  If there is no possessive pronoun and the term is what the person's name is to you, then use capitalization.

I said '"hi" to my uncle Pete.

I said '"hi" to Uncle Pete.

I said '"hi" to my dad.

I said '"hi" to Dad.


'Pete' will always be capitalized because it's a proper noun.

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Thank you Lewis, I hope it is embedded in my brain at long last.

carol powneyMay 31 '14 at 16:08

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