Plural or possessive (Months, Months', Month's)


My wife and I have a disagreement over the proper use of the plural (or not) and possessive use (or not) of the concept in the following sentence:
$4000 is the total for the first 4 month(s,s','s) rent.
It seems that we could use any of the options it would be correct.
1) $4000 is a single amount for a single time period spanning 4 months = month's (strictly possessive)
2) $4000 is a single amount broken over 4 single months = months
(plural but not belonging to any month)
3) $4000 is a single amount amount broken over the 4 months in question = months'

So, which do you believe it should be?

asked May 11 '14 at 17:51 Moe Haliska New member

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Whatever your wife says is the correct answer.


I would use the possessive.  Think of it as being for one month.

One month rent...  Boo, hiss

One month's rent... Yay!

Four months' rent...

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Happy wife, happy life!

Patty TMay 12 '14 at 04:15


Lewis NeidhardtMay 12 '14 at 13:27

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