"to commence with" usage


why should I use the phrase "to commence with"?


A native english speaker told me that he has never used this phrase because this phrase sounds very odd to native speaker, is that true?


Also, for my sentence, should I say:

(1) He has never used . . .


(2) He had never used . . . 


(3) He has had never used . . . 


which one is correct?

Thank you

have had Has asked May 07 '14 at 18:01 alan New member

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'To commence with...' will be used occasionally, but not very often.


'Has never used...' would mean at any time in the past up to the present.

'Had never used...' would mean at some time period in the past.

The third is incorrect.

link comment answered May 07 '14 at 18:12 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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