How can this sentence be rephrased to appear less combersome?


Therefrom, effects on the turnover process can be inferred that are caused by the presence or absence formal structures. 

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Hi Frank! It's difficult to reword your sentence without knowing the subject but here's a suggestion:


Therefore, the turnover process effects appear to be caused by the presence [or] absence of formal structures.


If you add more details about your subject, the sentence will be clearer and make more sense. I hope this helps in some way!


Good luck!


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link answered May 09 at 20:58 Karen OKeefe Contributor

Thanks, Karen! I like the 'appears' approach instead of insisting on 'inferred'! Really helped me! Best, Helge

FrankJun 04 at 09:00

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I'm glad that I could be of help to you!!  :D



link comment answered Jun 05 at 20:18 Karen OKeefe Contributor

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