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1) Do we say "No matter how much practice she has or No mater how much practices she has"?


2) Difference between "on the Street" and "in the street"

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'Practice' in this context is an uncountable noun and is singular.

No matter how much practice she has...


'In' or 'on' used with 'the street' is largely idiomatic. 'On the street' usually has a more dire connotation implying homelessness or prostitution.

The runaway child was living on the streets.


'In the street' refers to the actual location of something at a given time, usually in the traffic lane.

The car was parked in the street. This would imply that the car may have been blocking traffic.

But, you could also say the car was parked on the street.  More likely this car was parked on the side of the street.

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John is certain be late 

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