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The author used ironic words to express two points: in the first one that the commenter sneered some Chinese students are frequently ignorant of the American driving law; in another one that some people jealous of the person, who is “the wealth and impunity enjoyed by a privileged few runs high-and a perception well-connected parents protect their marauding offspring.”

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You haven't asked a question, but I will assume you want to know how to avoid being wordy.  Generally, avoid redundancy and phrases that add no meaning or information.  Avoid very long sentences.  Put one complete thought into each sentence instead of several thoughts into one.  Through context, the thoughts will connect to each other.


You are using the colon to begin a list that is going to include two points.  In the first item, you say it is the first.  In the second, you say it is another.  This is all redundant. 


"The author used (ironic) words to express..." - Lets forget for a moment what kinds of words.  There are many ways one could express something - words, art, hand gestures.  An author uses words.  It is quite unecessary to tell the reader that the author uses words.  Try something like: The author ironically expressed. (Make sure that he did actually use irony.  This is a word many people wrongly use.)


The rest of the sentence, including the quote, make little sense.  There are missing words and other errors, but too many for me to sort out what exactly you are trying to say. 

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