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In both the "General" and "Academic" format review of Grammarly, it did not catch the following error:  "...fellow Senators', along with the..." However, after I corrected all of the listed items it did catch, and after I uploaded my essay for a law school application, I reviewed it in "General" format one more time. This time Grammarly stated that the comma needed to be placed between the "s" and the possessive apostrophe. Does anyone know why Grammarly would not catch this the first time? 

See example:

I had to read critically fellow Senators', along with the Governor's, proposed legislation to determine its impacts on current state laws.
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There are no employees on this community forum, Michael.  If you contact Grammarly through the Support link at the bottom of the page and provide details, I am sure they would look into it and fix any software errors or glitches.


Your sentence is very awkward.  Though some people will tell you to avoid a split infinitive, it isn't really a rule and often leads to awkward sentences.  I would use "to critically read" instead.


The possessive forms of senators and governor add to the awkwardness.  Also, neither word is used as a proper noun in this sentence.  They should not be capitalized. 


You are talking about at least two pieces of legislation (possibly more):  one (or more) from the senators and one from the governor.  The pronoun "its" refers to a singular piece of legislation, so that is another problem.  You can reword the sentence without using a pronoun.


I had to critially read the proposed legislation from both my fellow senators and the governor to determine possible impacts on current state laws.

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Thank you Patty T.  This is helpful.  I appreciate your comments with my sentence structure.  I will make changes accordingly.  Again, thank you!

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