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I need help with my paragraph; PLEASE HELP!!!

See example:

The Republican is someone that most people would think of as the bad person in the story always going against what the Common Citizen's view of reality actually is, people that mostly will appeal to the rich, and people that are the ralliers for traditionalism, and any change in that viewpoint causes a stir for them like when the Democrats try to change the law of One man and One woman to that of that every person has a right to marry, according to Schlesinger, Republicans "...Declared that each proposed change would bring in its wake incalculable consequences which could only end by destroying the republic" basically, they are saying that any change in the ways things were done may cause a great outcry amongst everybody and on the economy and things that increase wealth.
asked Mar 10 '14 at 19:56 Estefania Ortiz New member

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Sorry - I don't have any good news for you, Estefania.  Your passage is riddled with too many errors to point out each one.  Here are some general notes that apply to your passage.


You'll need to study basic sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.  A sentence has one coherent thought.  It starts with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.  Except at the beginning of a sentence, common nouns should not be captialized.  Proper nouns must always be capitalized. 


Your passage starts off with a nonsensical premise.  "Most people" do not think of a Republican as a bad person.  Certainly some people do, but an equal amount of people think of a Democrat as a bad person.  Most people are somewhere in between the two extremes.  No party would exist long if it "always" went against the conventional wisdom (or "the common citizen's view" as you call it).  It is silly to argue such a point, really. 


Arthur Schlesinger died seven years ago.  The quote you are using is from 1956.  I can't imagine using a fifty-eight year old quote to support a discussion about same-sex marriage.  The source of this quote is an essay by Schlesinger to describe the difference between liberalism and conservatism.  You seem to be implying that the quote describes Schlesinger's opinion.  This could not be further from the truth. 

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