Passive voice


How can I change this to active voice. I have the worst time with this process.

See example:

For most of my elementary years, going to church was required, and frankly expected by the community.
asked Mar 09 '14 at 20:22 Susan Haymore New member

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A sentence in the active voice has a subject doing some action.  In your sentence, the subject is "going to church."  Since you are obviously talking about your own experience, this is an easy fix.  Make yourself the subject. 


For most of my elementary years, I attended church as was required by my family and expected by the community. 


I made an assumption that someone other than the community required attendance since requiring is stronger than expecting. If the community required it, then it would be a given that it was expected. 


To see a lot more examples, questions, and answers about passive and active voice, type "passive active" in the search field above.  It is by far the most frequently asked question.

link comment answered Mar 09 '14 at 21:27 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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