I just wrote this in a card. Indeed to know whether to us you or yourself in the statement.


(& we hope Joe & you_____ remain friends forever. ( I already wrote up to the word "you". I can still change it to the word "yourself". I can also change the words after you. Thanks.

you asked Mar 01 '14 at 18:48 Dorothy Mahar New member

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First of all, you shouldn't use ampersands except in the most informal writing.  You should also try to avoid starting a sentence with 'and' in most cases.

When you use a reflexive pronoun, you are required to have the antecedent of the pronoun very near, preferably in the same sentence.   Since that isn't the case in your sentence, 'you' is the pronoun to use.  I would put 'you' first because 'you' is the person you are addressing.


We hope you and Joe remain friends forever.

link comment answered Mar 02 '14 at 15:29 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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