"The festival, called PINK, will be held tomorrow."


"The festival, called PINK, will be held tomorrow."


Should we always use commas with the word called or should we also write "The festival called PINK will be held tomorrow" without commas?


And then is there a meaning difference between them? I feel none. What do you experts think?


Thank you so much in advance.

asked Feb 25 '14 at 05:06 Hans Contributor

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If "called PINK" is just additional information that is not necessary, then surround the words with commas. However, the sentence is also acceptable without commas. That indicates that the reader needs that information. An example would be when the next sentence is: The festival called BLUE will take place next week.


The meaning doesn't change, whether you use the commas or not. Both ways give the same information. The difference is whether the additional information is essential or not.

link comment answered Feb 25 '14 at 07:50 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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