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Question 1: When does it open?

the answer should opens at five or it is open at five?


Question 2: when is it open?

the answer should be... it is open at five or it is opened at five?


Which question is correct?

or if they are both correct, when should I ask Q1 or Q2?

(For this question, can I say ‘when should I use which?)

asked Feb 21 '14 at 00:02 alan New member

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Both questions are correct, Alan, but they don't have the same answer. 


When does it open?

Here, open is a verb.  You are asking about the action of opening the store, so the answer is about that moment in time when the action takes place.  It opens at five.  (It opens = It does open)


When is it open?
Here, open is an adjective.  This is describing a state of being not closed.  You are asking about all moments of time that this state of being exists.  It is open from five to ten.


To answer your very last question - I probably wouldn't.  It sounds awkward and confusing.  Perhaps, "When should I use each one?"

link comment answered Feb 21 '14 at 00:24 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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