Does this make sense?


The sentence in question:


"I would greatly appreciate if you were to review of my CV in consideration for this role."

Grammarly says 'would' is a conditional verb requiring a main verb after it. But looking around the web I see this sentence used and it seems to be okay.

I don't know how else to word it without being wordy but more importantly I'd like to know if this is actually incorrect?



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Don't "look around the web" to see if someone else wrote a phrase or sentence.  The internet is full of people with bad grammar.  You will find examples of everything from great grammar to utter nonsense.   There is no filter. 


Change "were to review of my CV" to "would review my CV".


The word "of" must be deleted. 


In a conditional sentence like this, "were" is used when the condition is unreal or very unlikely to happen.


If I were to stand on the moon...

If I would stand in my kitchen ...


Since you want the person to review your CV, don't word it like it will never happen. 

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