Can you have me word this better! Its an abstract


Can anyone help me work this better this is a abstract for a Research paper?

See example:

The origins of man forever evolving is based on the different theories and points of views of different authors on the origins of man as it relates to science and religion and how they coexist for the greater good of mankind, this chronological review of theories between science and religion as to the origins of man and how man has evolved in their way of thinking and their approach as it relates to the evolution of man in science and religion up to current date, this will point out the importance of debate and conflict within the human race as man continues a his quest for truth in our existence.
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I will add a link as a comment to a page from Purdue University.  It will help you understand how to write a good abstract.  I suggest following those instructions and rewriting the entire thing.  What you have is a very long run-on sentence.  It is actually several sentences with commas instead of periods.  Even if you properly punctuated these sentences, it is very wordy - lots of redundancy and phrases that don't add any meaningful information. 

link answered Feb 15 '14 at 04:42 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Writing report abstracts:

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