lack of coherence


yesterday my teacher while checking my answer said that it is laciong coherence.


i am not able to understand what is coherence. plzz explain 


the answer is :_

people change themselves on christmas. they, all of a sudden, become generous. they help the needy. charity functions are on the rise. the worl becomes a place of peace and kindness. the author admits these deeds as a great joy to him.



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0 defines coherence as a "logical interconnection; overall sense or understandability."


The first way to improve understandability is to follow the most basic of rules when writing.  A sentence begins with a capital letter.  The word "I" is always capitalized.  Unlike most rules in English grammar, there are no exceptions to these rules. 


Another way to improve understandability is to use actual words.  Text speech is fine when talking to your friends on your phone, but it is not appropriate for school.  When asking for help with writing and grammar here, an effort to write to the best of your ability is appreciated.  "Plzz" is not a word.


Though one is able to generally understand each sentence in your paragraph, it lacks an overall sense of understandability.  When put together, the thoughts are not put together well.  You jump from thought to thought, making the reader wonder how they connect.  What exactly does "charity functions are on the rise" mean?  What deeds are a great joy?   When you write something, and know what you intend to communicate, it can be difficult to see that the reader can't understand it.


Here is an example.  Each sentence has a coherent thought, but when you put them all together, there is something missing. 


We got a lot of snow this winter.  Geese fly south when it gets warm.  The kids like to see the geese in the snow.  They make snowmen.  


What does our getting snow here have to do with the geese flying south?  What do the geese have to do with making snowmen?  Well, I know in my head how all of these thoughts connect, but the reader cannot have an overall sense of understandability.

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