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How should i word this.

See example:

Equestrian is one of their famous sports but as americans, we know this sport as horse racing, These sports are held for seven days in july, Their traditional sport is hurling, this sport was established in 1884, you can only have 15 people on a team, they have a hurling sport for women but it is not called hurling, it is called Camogie.
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You have quite a lot of errors, Brittany. 


You spelled Ireland wrong.


A sentence has one complete thought.  It starts with a capital letter and ends with a period.  You have joined seven sentences together with commas.


Proper nouns are capitalized.  Examples of proper nouns are Americans, July, and Hurling.


In the US, equestrian events and horse racing are two very different things.  If you ask anyone in the US (that knows the slightest thing about horses) what an equestrian event it, they will tell you it is show jumping, dressage, and similar English saddle events.  That is exactly the same as it is in Ireland.  Horse racing in the US is a very different thing.  We also have roping and other Western saddle events.  All of these are equestrian, which means horse riding.  But we distinguish between the three types. 


Equestrian events are held much more than for seven days in July - even in Ireland.  If you mean that the Dublin Horse Show is held in July, then say that. 


Your last two sentences are very wordy.  Try: The women's version of Hurling is called Camogie. 

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