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I would like you to Edit my texts, is it possible ?

See example:

In this book I want a collection of my stories and experiences to share with you that over the years were associated with me.
asked Jan 29 '14 at 02:59 Khalil E. Nikkhessal New member

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This forum is not an editing service.  There are no employees here.  If you have a question about a sentence or two, we'll be glad to discuss it.  If you want more information about the paid services that you can purchase from Grammarly, you'll need to contact them through the support link at the bottom of the page.

link comment answered Jan 29 '14 at 04:04 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Thank you, I will contact the Editors to edit my texts.

link comment answered Jan 30 '14 at 06:06 Khalil E. Nikkhessal New member

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